Bad Hair Day?

I can so relate.

Thanks to covid, it has been seven months since my hair has been professionally cut.

I cut my hair with my husband’s buzzer and it looks much like this kookaburra.

Actually, it looks much better on a kookaburra!

My friend told me, I look, “natural,” which is nice friend speak for “God awful, but real.”

I’m cool with real.

If it’s good enough for the Kookaburra, it’s good enough for me.

Cheers to you and keep smiling~

302 thoughts on “Bad Hair Day?

      1. Perfect! I will also tell them a buzzed head is the best wild bird attractor, and then it will be even easier than it is now to pick out the birdwatchers in any group!!! (◐⊝◑)

  1. Mr. Kookaburra is quite handsome with his rakish hairdo. My husband was reading your post over my shoulder, and he wanted to know where the picture was of you with your Kookaburra-do!

  2. I have never seen this bird before, they are beautiful!
    It’s funny you posted today, because I was thinking of how I haven’t seen any pictures from you lately, haha.

    1. Awww… how nice of you to remember me. Thank you! I get a bit distracted these days caring for my twin two year old grandsons while their parents works virtually. They tend to run fast in opposite directions constantly! (◐⊝◑)

  3. After a few weeks no-one can tell the difference anyway. 😉
    I finally succumbed and made an appt. with a hairdresser. I picked a single chair shop, so I’d be the only customer, washed my hair before I left and opted out of a blow-dry. We both were masked, of course. Took 15 minutes and she did a great job, so glad that it worked!

    1. Sounds smart. You have beautiful long hair. I think I am gonna keep the buzz. Just gonna use a longer attachment next time. Everything was set on my first buzz stroke, too short right down the center, just like the kookaburra! (◐⊝◑)

      1. Timothy Price

        Interesting. Laurie makes me cut her hair. I don’t know why any woman in her right mind would insist on her husband cutting her hair. I asked my barber if he cut his wife’s hair. He said “No way! I’m not crazy!” It’s very traumatic for me because I know the consequences of making a mistake. However, Laurie refuses to cut my hair. I keep eyeing those selfie clippers that will do an even buzz job.

          1. Timothy Price

            When we move our office, I’ll probably get a buzz cutter. Currently, my barber is right around the corner so I just take a break and get a hair cut.

    1. Smiling back at you Terri. I can at least console myself with the fact that my buzz was free, but of course there is that whole you get what you pay for nonsense to consider too….. (◐⊝◑)

    1. Cracking up…..lots!
      No timber wolves or dolphins as your spirit animal, eh?
      A stressed out hamster who fricking hates his wheel?
      No wonder I like you so much. (◐⊝◑)

  4. heh-heh 🤣 I’ll bet your hair looks great, Cindy – if it’s as charming as this little Kookaburra then it’s cute as a button – I think this is a photo call! C’mon, share the hair 😄

  5. Fabulous kookaburra photos and I’m sure your hair would look the same as mine – au natural. I have an appointment to get mine cut next Tuesday – the hairdressers have just re-opened in Melbourne Monday this past week.

    1. You know something strange….The buzz is kinda growing on me, in more ways than one. I don’t think I’ll miss the time and expense of the salon visits! (◐⊝◑)

  6. Delightful pictures of the Kookaburra. I have braved the hairdresser twice since they re-opened: only two customers at a time and well spaced. It was a wonderful experience the first time!

    1. Laughing….. Strangely enough, the buzz is kinda growing on me. You just wake up and go, and you get to rub your hand over your head all the time cuz the buzz feels cool! (◐⊝◑)

  7. Lovely bird. I am sure your hair looks fine. My hair is naturally curly, so I can get away with pretending it’s supposed to be an Afro. On humid days, I like the gentle transition from bone straight, to slightly curly, to very wavy.

  8. Home is hair the heart is. I’m at a lost ‘fro words over these specktacular shots! ⊹⋛⋋(◐⊝◑)⋌⋚⊹
    (•ө•)♡ミ◕ฺv◕ฺ彡━=͟͟͞͞(Ŏ◊Ŏ ‧̣̥̇)━

  9. Excellent, Cindy! We need to be flexible and patient until we can reach a new “normal.” Excellent photos and a great text! Thank you, my friend! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  10. We have learned a great deal over these past months, have we not, Cindy. Last week, I had my fifth “COVID-19” – done at home. Who knew we could learn to be hair-dressers! Loved your photos – your love of nature reminded me of Mary Oliver’s poem “The Kookaburras.”

    1. Yes, we have learned a lot about what really matters now, haven’t we. It is certainly not how we look, it is more about how we choose to live our lives. Love to you Rebecca დ დ

    1. I am so genuinely sorry you are going through this Sue. Our hair, like our looks, has always been the least of our concerns, despite all the endless messaging, all our lives, telling us otherwise. Sending you love, admiration and healing hopes. I hope you might like your hair free head. Our feminine heads are the best part of us and good to see it clearly დ დ

  11. My hair is getting the same treatment as yours, Cindy I dread to think what my hairdresser will say although I am happy with it…Mr. Kookaburra is very handsome 🙂

  12. Haha, looking natural is a tactful statement. However, I don’t think you look awful though. Remember we are always pretty inside who cares about the hair…… we do our best. 🙂 I know how you feel though…..

  13. I can remember learning a poem about kookaburra, when I was in grades two or three. They are so pretty. Thank you for sharing your amazing photographs, Cindy. 🙂

    1. I agree with you that natural looks best. We, and our celebrity worshipping culture, have gotten so far away from any sort of real, as role model celebrities slice, dice, inject and “perfect,” themselves. I am bored of it, so thank you very much! დ

  14. What a neat bird with a lovely song/call. I’ve only seen them in captivity at the zoo.

    The last time I had my hair cut was in early January this year! I had a pixie cut. I’ve been trimming it myself but the pixie is long gone. Now, I’m closer to a Bob, and I have to keep chopping off the back at the nape to keep from having a Mullet. My scissors need sharpening because I’m getting frizzy ends. Sigh…I need to see the stylist SO BAD! I’m just not ready to go face the shop and wear a mask to get it done. I see a lot more Bad Hair Days in my future. 😭

    1. A woman who cuts the hair on the back of her head is brave. I do it and I salute you. We should form some sort of club for women who cut their own hair. Do you think we would be the only members!! (◐⊝◑

  15. SO very relatable! I was due for a haircut when it hit, cut my own hair until early September, finally broke down and got another one last night. Interesting though. My hair looks the same no matter what. 😉 messy.

    1. What I am noticing with the buzz, is that I sort of like it better, which is quite a surprise, AND it takes about 4 minutes to do and is free… as a bird! (◐⊝◑)

  16. I’m sure you look pretty fabulous. But fearless is more like it. I’d be afraid to use one of those buzzer things. As for the kookaburras–They’ve got kind of a ruffled baby eagle look to them…

  17. I’m getting a big kick out of this one, Cindy. I finally got up courage to get my hair done, and I tell ya, it’s such a treat! After months of looking like a shaggy dog, I finally am looking more like me (and less like Ms. Kookaburra, ha!)

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    1. The birdie has a cropped path right down the top of his head that is shorter then the rest of his buzz. I have this too. It looks far more fetching on the kookaburra, trust me! No bird, person or creature has hair that looks as ridiculous as Donald’s, and he spends lots of time everyday combing and hair spraying it into place, not to mention the orange dying and over growing of the comb over. He looks this way on purpose!! (◐⊝◑)

  19. I wish I could blame COVID-19 for my chronically bad hair days – but I can’t because I know I have been this way for years. These are wonderful photographs!!!

    1. I empathize. The importance of hair is over rated. It is what’s happening under the hair that matters most. Funnily enough, I think I will keep the buzz, just grow it out a bit more დ

      1. I am just going to keep growing my hair, until I look like a crazy old witch lady. And then I will wear purple, and say random things. And everyone will wonder, more than they do already, if I have lost my mind.

  20. Thanks for the giggle. Read this to my daughter so she could giggle too. Those are actually good looking birds and I appreciate your industriousness. I’ve been cutting my own too. Last good cut was last February. ;( I just decided to leave it long enough to pull it in a pony tail and run. I’m all about natural too. 😉 I like your friend.

    1. Yes, but the kookaburras look so much better than that kook……. And that kook spends so much time each day (when he isn’t watching Fox News) to look this way, ON PURPOSE!!! (◐⊝◑)

  21. O my goodness, I don’t know whether to first spend my time laughing with your great sense of humor, or marveling at the unbelievable crisp clarity of your photos! Every detail of the wings and shades within the reflected light on the eyes is so crisp, it’s like sitting right next to the bird. How in the world are you able to capture this type of detail? Brilliant images and humor 😀 love this!!

  22. Nine months for me too but I am actually liking my hair long and curly… I’ll get it trimmed at some point but I’m keeping it long.

  23. Love the pics of the Kookaburra, and I’m sure you look just as beautiful! The last time my hair was professionally cut was about 45 years ago! I trim my fringes and ends, and don’t worry about the rest! Hugs!

  24. The kookaburra not worried about a bad hair day. 🙂

    Deborah and Elizabeth both wear their hair long. Elizabeth had waist length hair once, before cutting it back. Both braid their hair and have said you need enough hair to braid. Tara used to wear hers long before cutting it back to shoulder length where she’s kept it. Laurie and Andrea keep theirs short, less maintenance. They haven’t been tempted to use buzz clippers. Besides, the buzz clippers are here at home.

    1. My daughter is an Andrea. She would never buzz her hair. But my husband and son, I can’t figure out why they won’t let me buzz their heads!!! I keep offering…. (◐⊝◑)

  25. Still laughing!
    Gorgeous shots, Cindy!
    Not sure what bad Hair Day Bird I look like right now, but I’ve been growing out the grey, and to a certain extent my stomach. Hmm, I wonder if there are any long hair penguins? 😀

  26. I noticed today, that I haven’t seen a post from you in a while. Guess what? WordPress in its infinite wisdom has taken you off my reader list. I was so upset when I saw it. How dare they?

    Anyhow, I must be now your newest ‘follower’ and reader. Can you believe that?

    1. I think they do this regularly to me too. They keep down volume (and expense?) down by trimming our readership rolls. I dislike it intensely because, as you point out, it is so hard to detect, and many people go missing without me knowing, so I hear your frustration and second it. Happy you are back დ

  27. Those Kookaburras are such sweet-looking birds! Your hair comments made me giggle, Cindy! In fact, I have just had my third hair-cut since I stopped shielding at the beginning of August. We are now just about to be locked down again so I am so pleased to have short, neat hair. My husband offered to cut it for me in the summer. I preferred to risk a visit to my hairdresser!

  28. So THAT’s what they look like! I know what they sound like… And I can totally relate regarding the hair – I’ve just missed ANOTHER hair appointment due to COVID lockdown..

      1. I’m the one that is giving my husband hair cuts these days – since the first lockdown, he’s put me in charge of the clippers. Mah, mah, mah…. POW-WER *evil chuckle*

      2. I look like this too! Just as long for me since the last pro haircut 😄 Got kinda nippy withb pair if clippers now, whichbis just as well seeing as we’re now in lockdown no.2😷😯 The kookaburra cut should keep me going though!

  29. Lovely Kooka shots Cindy, they are such placid birds, I love seeing them up close and hearing them at sunrise in the morning. They will almost sit on my BBQ when they smell meat cooking and will wait till the meat is cooked just right before taking off with it, so you have to fend them off before its cooked. yes, the first one looks a bit like me after a morning birding, after taking my hat off. As my birding friend in Vic says us guys all start looking like Willy Nelson after several months of restrictions and lock-down 🙂

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