Bad Hair Day?

I can so relate.

Thanks to covid, it has been seven months since my hair has been professionally cut.

I cut my hair with my husband’s buzzer and it looks much like this kookaburra.

Actually, it looks much better on a kookaburra!

My friend told me, I look, “natural,” which is nice friend speak for “God awful, but real.”

I’m cool with real.

If it’s good enough for the Kookaburra, it’s good enough for me.

Cheers to you and keep smiling~

302 thoughts on “Bad Hair Day?

  1. So THAT’s what they look like! I know what they sound like… And I can totally relate regarding the hair – I’ve just missed ANOTHER hair appointment due to COVID lockdown..


  2. Lovely Kooka shots Cindy, they are such placid birds, I love seeing them up close and hearing them at sunrise in the morning. They will almost sit on my BBQ when they smell meat cooking and will wait till the meat is cooked just right before taking off with it, so you have to fend them off before its cooked. yes, the first one looks a bit like me after a morning birding, after taking my hat off. As my birding friend in Vic says us guys all start looking like Willy Nelson after several months of restrictions and lock-down 🙂


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