Big Gulps~

Hungry gull,

in Coeur d’Alene Idaho,

doesn’t believe in catch and release,

and never feels too full to fly!

Yellow billed stork in Kruger National Park catches catfish at Sunset Dam,

and needs a leg up to swallow it whole!

Cheers to you from your feast & fly feathered fowl friends~

196 thoughts on “Big Gulps~

  1. That’s impressive! I was riding a bike on Sanibel Island once and looked up to see a bird (I think an osprey) with a bird in its mouth. I was so interested in it that I almost rode straight into a light pole! You were wise to simply stand still and take photos!

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  2. I could spend all day watching the gulls fish for dinner while vacationing at the beach. We had a couple of herons that often visited our yard looking for dinner in the lake behind our last house. Even though to us, they looked like they “bit off more than they could chew,” nothing ever seemed too big a catch for the heron. Great photos, Cindy!


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