Holler Ghost Ranch~

There is a ghost ranch adjacent to The Holler.

It’s in a nature preserve and is named Rancho Lilac.

Rancho Lilac has a interesting history.

It was originally settled as a 2300 acre homestead in 1865.

It passed through several owners over time who turned it into a working cattle ranch.

In 1945 it was purchased by Col. Irving Salomon, an undersecretary to The United Nations who built an extensive rancho home where he hosted rural retreats for world leaders like Dwight Eisenhower, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mahatma Ghandhi, and Golda Meir.

This is the Salomon home ranch complex . There is an abandoned pool and tennis court and a caretaker living on the property. The rancho is currently preserved as an historical landmark.

There is a year round creek running through the property making the habitat critical for wildlife sustenance.

1600 acres of the ranch property have been set aside as a permanent nature preserve.

This is the old road that connects The Holler to the Rancho.

The Rancho is like a time capsule, unique, pristine, and full of precious and vulnerable wild life. We hope it stays protected into the future.

Cheers to you & be careful and safe~

216 thoughts on “Holler Ghost Ranch~

  1. I can only wonder if it is a ‘working’ ghost ranch, Cindy. On dark, stormy nights do you occasionally hear Ghost Riders in the Sky. Like the international retreat part of the story, too. I can imagine some very interesting conversations took place there. –Curt

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  2. It looks like a lot of places around the World are abandoned. The modern life is concentrated mostly in the huge cities. Sometimes ago I’ve met very interesting thought – in the nearest future countries and states are disappeared and all the life will concentrate in the mega polices.

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  3. Thank you for the very interesting post complete with wonderful photos. It is a place I could very easily live in. Too bad it is now a ghost town. But what a neat place to take a walk and be in nature. Have a great weekend. “”__””

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      • What a beautiful place to live, Cindy. I often think of those former days but a buckboard and horse don’t appeal to me much. We have a tourist town called Buckskin Joe near the Royal Gorge bridge near Canon City, CO. It was originally built as a movie set in the 1950s to film Western films. The boardwalk, the jail, shops, etc. I recall taking a ride in the stage coach – so bumpy and dusty. But it was cool to conjure up life there with the “bad” guys walking into the saloon by the swinging doors! We traveled to many ghost towns when I lived there. A slice of history. Thanks for your post replete with memories!

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        • There are so many fascinating old west ghost towns in the American west. I have been to many, but so many more beckon. They are all magical places to visit and to step back in time to the days of the pioneers. Happy you have experienced this my friend & cheers to you დ

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          • Cindy, we used to camp and hike in the mountains about 45 min. away in Pueblo, CO and even hiked up to an abandoned silver mine and went inside. My mother was not happy to know this when she found out. Pregnant with her 4th child at the time, she opted to stay in the car. However, my Dad’s sense of adventure brought us back to the silver mine a few times but not inside since it had been abandoned. That spirit of adventure remains with me today. Happy hiking to you. oxox

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                  • Cindy, my Jeep could drive the dirt road and over pot holes. I imagine you have something similar. The Holler is a wonderful refuge from life too. Do you have issues with WiFi in such a remote area? I imagine you protect yourself from those rattle snakes which can be mean. Your photos are gorgeous. Be well. oxox


                    • Thank you Maryann. Your jeep would like it here. We do have four wheel drive, but don’t bring vehicles in the preserve. It is all on foot. Funny, you should mention wifi. It used to be horrendously bad with ATT. But now we are connected with line of sight service connected to a mountain which works well until the snows come and ice things up. It was off yesterday however with no snow on the horizon! 😉


                    • Cindy, when it works, technology is great. You really rough it when you don’t have wifi, don’t you. As long as I have a good book, it am fine. I assume tv reception is also not the best. Be well. oxox


  4. Oooh! A ghost ranch! Would love to have had chance to visit that! I have a thing for abandoned (and sometimes slightly illegal lol) places. The pandemic has put a stop to much of my in-person exploring and adventuring unfortunately. You get to see some amazing places in your part of the world though!


  5. It has been sad to see so much farm land go missing. But at least one of the older buildings is being turned into (I think a realtors office). Sorry has it that a child who lived there couldn’t go out, so a sort of 360 view Widow’s Walk room was built on top of the house. I’m not sure if the child had to be carried up the stairs… I wonder if they’ll also allow folks a little look see when it gets renovated and back in use?

    Stay safe and sane, Jules


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