Wild Grizzlies~

Fishing during the salmon run,

in the Knight Inlet,

British Columbia, Canada.

This set of four cubs was unusual. The smaller cubs will have a harder time in winter.

The bears congregate to gorge on salmon and pack on fat for the winter.

Fights break out over territory in the river,

but none we saw were serious.

The bears are extremely adept at swimming,

and seemed to enjoy taking rests in the cool water.

Even the cubs love to fish and eat!

This mama griz and cub we encountered on the trail in Glacier National Park. An inland bear and cub, not stuffed on salmon, is a far more threatening sight, and you can see mama go on high alert!

She soon relaxed, and even nursed in our presence, after she saw we kept our distance. (You can see these photos by clicking on the following links).

Cheers to you from the precious and endangered grizzlies of North America~

For more of my photos of coastal and inland grizzlies see:



Note: I am going through photo archives and sharing select photos you may not have seen.

236 thoughts on “Wild Grizzlies~

  1. Wow! I am so impressed by these magnificent photos of the grizzly bears. They look so frighteningly close. I hope that you were shooting them with your zoom lens. We have grizzly bears in our mountains nearby. When hiking we always carry bells to alert them of our presence. Have a great Sunday, Cindy!

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  2. What impressive creatures! Thank you, Cindy, for bringing them up close for us. Just look at those claws — no wonder toy bear manufacturers don’t add something that scary to the paws of the critters they make for sale!

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    • I always maintain safe viewing distance around grizzlies. I use telephoto lenses. The bears in the inlet were photographed from a wooden platform above the bears that is similar to a bird hide. We were quite safe above but close to the bears. დ


  3. What great pictures! I love the first one–can a grizzlie be cute? ‘Cause this one with his grizzlie fur sticking out as if he’d just pulled off a ski cap is sure cute. I hope those 4 cubs and their poor, frazzled mom survive the winter!

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  4. They are beautiful animals but I wouldn’t want to cross paths with them. We did have a 400lb male black bear wander through our back garden this week. It caused quite the stir as we’re technically a city and have a reasonable dense population. It was a beauty!


  5. Wonderful photos, Cindy. Bears are such fascinating animals. A couple of years ago while staying in the Smokies, we watched a momma bear discipline her young’ns and also watched her looking up and watch us watching her. My granddaughters will never forget it.


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