Now is the Time We All Need A Great Leader~

We need words and acts of wisdom, ethics and compassion, from our leaders now more than ever. Since this is utterly lacking, take heart from the words of a truly gifted leader that could never be more relevant than today.

Martin Luther King (1929 – 1968) addresses the March On Washington at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC, where he gave his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” 

“Letter from Birmingham Jail,” April 16, 1963

“Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.”

“I Have a Dream”, Washington, D.C., August 28, 1963

My heart breaks for George Floyd, his family, and our country. Are we not better people than this?

There are no cheers today, only grief~


236 thoughts on “Now is the Time We All Need A Great Leader~

  1. The words coming out of our current leader are totally disheartening. I never voted for George Bush (the younger) but he put out a wonderful hopeful video message in the midst of this pandemic that was truly what a leader should be saying. And we have the words of Obama these days as well – Lordy, I miss him. And yes, we do somehow have to learn to be so much better than this . I want to learn how.

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    • George Bush’s message was beautiful and heartfelt and sincere. He lives his faith, saying “We are all equal in the sight of God.” There are so many good republicans. We need them speaking up. Bush & Obama’s recent statements reflect their awareness of the gravitas of the presidency and the country and the current danger in a way that is currently not present at all. We need more leaders with the courage to speak up for justice and fairness. დ


  2. It is truly heartbreaking how we don’t seem to have made much progress since MLK. For 8 glorious years, I thought the country was making strides by electing the first African-American president, but apparently that just threw more gas into the evil that was doing a slow burn below the surface. 😦

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  3. It’s a crying shame.
    Cindy, I have asked over and over… where is our great leader?
    They are few and far between.
    I still ask… why did JFK, MLK & RFK have to be murdered?
    That was 70 years ago.
    Have we come to nowhere?
    Apparently, nowhere is where we are.

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      • Agree!
        I’m not thrilled with our Canadian leaders, but they are basically kind & well meaning.
        Your president is a clear and present danger.


        • Yes. ‘A clear and present danger.’ And we are watching his effect unfold across the nation in real time now, with real violence, that he continues to incite. I think he expects to gain from it, scaring white people to vote for him in November, by overtly encouraging racial fear and hatred.


  4. Awww…it’s heartbreaking to hear about George Floyd. So angry that such tragedy is happening again and again and again. Big hugs to you, my friend, ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
    “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  5. Thanks Cindy – truly disturbing. And it goes along with leadership responses all over the world to the pandemic – amazing in some countries, appalling in others resulting in frighteningly high numbers of cases and deaths.

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  7. This is much bigger than a blog post. Humans have always wanted what others have and have also looked down upon those less fortunate. People can walk any path they want but what festers in their hearts is the truth.

    Humans are a nasty lot and have been since the beginning which is why we need laws, rules, and police to enforce them, thankfully I know wonderful cops but have crossed paths with a few disgusting ones who knew right away I was not one to let things slide.

    These are trying times with the virus and for me watching people day in and day out show complete disregard for others’ health and calling it a scam is beyond pathetic. Liberals add gas to the fire and enrage even their own party.

    I feel bad for the family who lost another to violence and the fact these two knew each other we will be subject to more dirt when reporters dig deeper but they need to do a better job period.

    What country are you off shooting in? Did you get stuck outside of the USA for any of the quarantine?

    Hope you are safe Cindy time for me to get back out to the garden have a wonderful weekend.

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    • Oh, Eunice, such words of heart and wisdom. If we remain in this divide, hating on each other, never seeing the other’s viewpoint, then the chance for healing and compromise is hopeless. And this is what we need. Compromise. Healing. A willingness to listen to different points of view. Without this, all we will get is what we have now, escalating hatred and violence. You and I have lived through it all haven’t we my friend. But these are dark days indeed. We need to move collectively towards the light.
      I have been home at The Holler hunkering down since early March. Love to you my friend & stay safe.

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      • I try to always share the love and pray for peace, sadly some will never get it 😦 Our nation is young with more battles will befall us as a nation which sickens me as we all are from the human race.

        Another man dies and even though the law came down on the officer responsible it is still not good enough for the hoards who want to be a part of something so ugly destroying innocent people’s businesses. Hurting random people in the streets is never the solution. Glad you are safe at home. xo


  8. There have been great leaders in this world, whose values willl never lose their meaning: Martin Luther Kind, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela. It is a shame that these days childish, brutal narcissists may call themselves leaders and that they are able to infect so many people with their evil. Worldwide.
    Thank you for this inspiring post.

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  9. In so many countries, not only our own, it is the mobsters that are running the countries and those that think they will benefit from them back them. Eventually, those that resist die. It’s a repeat of history over and over. We as humanity, never seem to learn. We are one entity and what we do to one, we do to all. MLK said it all so well. We ALL need a different mindset. Here’s hoping. Thanks, Cindy.

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    • Thank you Marlene. It boils down to this. If you can be happy having it all for yourself while others suffer and die, then you are not a good person. There is hope for everyone though. People can change and redeem themselves. We all can be better. I share your hope for a better future Marlene.

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  10. I completely agree Cindy. We need new leadership with morals, integrity, courage, and compassion to act for the common good. Meanwhile, it is up to us to lead in our circles, families, and friends. Thanks for setting an example.

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  11. The pain and frustration that the African American community continues to experience is heartbreaking. Not just these despicable acts that are taking the lives of so many but the general inequality, both hidden and overt, are so disappointing in a country that holds so much promise for greatness and a good life for all. And the direction our leadership has taken both in dealing with inequality and with the numbers of dead from the virusd, many also from the minority communities, is a blot of stain in front of the world’s eyes. We present ourselves, or did, as better than this. How we will recover is a troubling mystery right now. Leadership will be key, if only someone of MLK’s stature was on the national stage, but also we need our population as willing to be led and care for each other which seems so remote right now.

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    • How eloquent and beautifully expressed Steve. Thank you for sharing your very moving thoughts. We have descended into a mire of racial hatred abetted by our president and his supporters. The result is evident for the world to see. Lawlessness and murder carried out again and again, for no reason other than being black in America. Shame on us.


  12. It makes everything worse that there will be no REAL justice for his death, and the policemen who watched, will get no punishment at all. The cop murdered him in cold blood, while he begged for his life and bystanders tried to tell them to stop. The cop kept his knew on the man’s throat for almost three minutes after he stopped moving. He’s charged with the lowest charge possible, third degree murder, when he clearly knew what he was doing. Justice will, once again, not be served. Nothing will change. The riots…are the voice of those who have no voice, no justice. The hatred and injustice will continue until we, the people, stop it.

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    • In the old days of the racist south, the kkk covered themselves in sheets to hide their identity, and went about their racially motivated hate, rape, murder and mayhem, in the cover of darkness. Trump has made it acceptable for four policemen to murder a cooperating man slowly, in broad daylight, in a crowded street while people watched , filmed, and asked them to stop. And he is just the latest in death by police if you’re black in America. We have sunk lower then the kkk.


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  14. If not “great” leaders, at least someone with a brain larger than pea and 2 grains of common sense to rub together, both of which are in short supply in our political systems these days.
    Hi Cuz ! No, I really didn’t fall off the face of the earth, just took a short hiatus from the madness. Disease, chaos, murder, deceipt, riots, destruction, ….have we, as human beings really wandered so far off the path ??? 😟

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    • It is a sad state we are in. I can understand your hiatus and salute you for taking it. Common sense and brain power are pretty necessary aren’t they in a president. I find it absurd that we are in a position of having to say this, but we are, and do have too. Stay safe and well cuz. It is always so good to hear from you. დ


  15. I would agree we are in need of great leaders, but it is much too often we discover the greatness of a leader far after the fact. For now, I would settle for basic competency and empathy, both of which are in short supply.

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