Wild Tasmania~

The eastern coast of Tasmania is wild,



and stunning.

Steep cliffs colored fire-red and orange,

plunge vertically,

into The Tasman Sea.

Cheers to you from wild and beautiful Tasmania~

252 thoughts on “Wild Tasmania~

  1. You hardly need yet another comment, but I have to say that Tasmania suggests to me the wonderful novel adjective “tasmaniacal” to suggest the wild and wooly beauty that you document so well in these photographs. Returning your cheers!


    • Thank you very much. It was raining, misting and overcast, not good for photos, but water works wonders on rocks. It brings out the color, as if they were waiting to be freed. დ


  2. miracles of nature. How beautiful is our planet. Thanks to the Almighty for creating the wonders and profound appreciation for you for highlighting the Glory.


  3. OK, Cuz. So much for a big pile of pretty rocks…, what happened to the Tasmanian Devil…, or was he hiding in the rocks ??? Are y’all safely ensconced and safe in “the holler”? Be well ……xo


    • Yes, we are hiding in The Holler and growing veggies and picking fruit. We saw the Tasmanian Devil in a nature preserve. He just looked cute to me! Stay safe and well cuz დ


  4. Is that Binalong Bay or The Bay of Fires? Didn’t make the east coast as ended up going up Mts Wellington and Nelson on a spectacularly clear day in Hobart. Only made it to Maria Island, but no further north.

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