Wild Tasmania~

The eastern coast of Tasmania is wild,



and stunning.

Steep cliffs colored fire-red and orange,

plunge vertically,

into The Tasman Sea.

Cheers to you from wild and beautiful Tasmania~

252 thoughts on “Wild Tasmania~

  1. Yes, Tasmania is a very beautiful place and various buildings, small towns and even areas of Hobart, the capital, are filled with history of the early settlement in the 1800s.

    The east coast has some lovely wilderness areas even I haven’t been too and our family went there a lot in my childhood.

    Did you visit the Freycinet National Park, Cindy? I’ve always wanted to go there, but probably never will now I don’t have the health or walking ability. I still long to see the 2 nature reserves on King Island. I visited there for 4 days with a friend many years ago, but that was BC (Before Camera) and we didn’t visit any wilderness areas.

    • We went to Freycinet, Oyster Bay, Wineglass Bay, Bay of Fires, Cape Huay, Port Arthur and Hobart. We had been before but only stayed around Hobart. Now, of course I want to go back and see more! Australia does this to a person! I am so glad you have spent time in Tasmania since you were a child. Lucky you ♡

  2. Tasmania is most definitely a world apart. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting several times and fell in love from the start. I’ve never yet had the chance to see the coast from the water, though, having always flown in from Melbourne. I’d love to take a ferry across some day, but the weather in the Bass Strait can be pretty fierce!

    • I think you nailed the difference. I saw so much of the coast from the water. It is utterly spectacular and different from this perspective. I was bummed by the rain and fog and mist, thinking why bother with photos, but the wet brought out the colors.

  3. Wow – isn’t geology amazing. I would love to know more about the history of these rocks – a sometime project! Sending lots of love to you and your family, Cindy xxx

  4. I wouldn’t want to be climbing those cliffs, Cindy — only a mountain goat, I think, would be brave enough to try! Beautiful shots of a rugged and interesting place.

  5. Is that red/orange iron? Oh the history of those cliffs. I was watching the series Cosmos and there was a bit about the different layers in mountains where you could tell what era it was…

    Some things need to remain wild 😉 Especially our imaginations! 😀

    • Yes, I suspect it might be oxidation. There are also red lichen that color the rocks red. A place here is aptly named Bay of Fires due to the lichen. Love your comment on imagination Jules! ❣

  6. Magnificent images, Cindy. Not at all how I pictured Tasmania, and to probably confess even more I’m not sure I ever really pictured Tasmania! Now I will have these pictures you gave me.
    Thank you so very much. Stay safe.

  7. Judging by the colour of those rock formations, there’s got to be a lot of iron in “them thar mountains”.
    Leslie xoxo

  8. You hardly need yet another comment, but I have to say that Tasmania suggests to me the wonderful novel adjective “tasmaniacal” to suggest the wild and wooly beauty that you document so well in these photographs. Returning your cheers!

  9. I’ve only been across to Tassie once, but its beauty has stayed with me ever since. And that’s over 40 years! Fabulous pics.

  10. This is gorgeous; visually stunning.
    What kind of camera do you use? I’m getting the itch to study about an upgrade. 🙂

    • Thank you very much. It was raining, misting and overcast, not good for photos, but water works wonders on rocks. It brings out the color, as if they were waiting to be freed. დ

  11. miracles of nature. How beautiful is our planet. Thanks to the Almighty for creating the wonders and profound appreciation for you for highlighting the Glory.

  12. OK, Cuz. So much for a big pile of pretty rocks…, what happened to the Tasmanian Devil…, or was he hiding in the rocks ??? Are y’all safely ensconced and safe in “the holler”? Be well ……xo

    • Yes, we are hiding in The Holler and growing veggies and picking fruit. We saw the Tasmanian Devil in a nature preserve. He just looked cute to me! Stay safe and well cuz დ

  13. Is that Binalong Bay or The Bay of Fires? Didn’t make the east coast as ended up going up Mts Wellington and Nelson on a spectacularly clear day in Hobart. Only made it to Maria Island, but no further north.

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