Galahs in the Breeze~

Birds are lucky.

They can fly away.

So when life gets you down,

why not be a bird?

You don’t need wings to fly!

Cheers to you from Australia’s gorgeous Galahs~

169 thoughts on “Galahs in the Breeze~

  1. I wish if it would be possible! They have really nice natural make up. (Smiling!). Cindy, it looks you’ve visited the most impressive fashion show in Australia. All the birds are like models from the podium.


  2. What a beautiful bird, Cindy. I saw a photo on someone’s blog of a Strawberry Finch! Nature just gob smacks me. 😉 I would like nothing better than to fly away and see things all over the world. But I get to do it in my recliner thanks to you and many like you sharing the wonders of the world with us. You are doing a good service. Remember that always.


  3. Cindy-
    Like the birds, your talent also flies!
    Your images are endlessly exquisite.
    And birds, I find myself staring at them more and more envying their freedom of flight as I refill the bird feeders in my yard.


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