Galahs in the Breeze~

Birds are lucky.

They can fly away.

So when life gets you down,

why not be a bird?

You don’t need wings to fly!

Cheers to you from Australia’s gorgeous Galahs~

169 thoughts on “Galahs in the Breeze~

  1. There is no doubt that there are gaps in our life that we can fill with an imaginary journey on the wings of Galahs. Its multicolored plumage will illuminate the way to find a sunbeam and will clear our sadness.
    The photos are wonderful. We can contemplate the birds in their greatest splendor.
    Your poem could not be better with that spectacular frame in each verse.

  2. I just saw a few of these cockatoo this weekend. But they were in a zoo. They have a nice home in a large free flight aviary with some cockatiel. You can go inside with them and feed them. They land allover you to get a snack. It was fun.

  3. Lovely photos. Glad you got to see the Galahs when you were in Australia. I’ve only seen about 20 at a time in the tiny park near me, but I’ve been told there are flocks in the hundreds out in the countryside. Now that….would be wonderful sight.

    • When I was there about 11 years ago, I walked out one morning to a huge flock on the lawn. It was the first time I had seen them and I fell in love. This time I went looking for them. Such beautiful creatures <3

  4. I have never heard of this bird before. So lovely! Beautifully captured.
    Thank you, Cindy for introducing the beauty to us

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  6. These birds are absolutely stunning, and you won’t believe where I saw them on TV last night: The Bachelor! That’s right. I’m watching that show because one of the finalists is from my city: Knoxville, TN. The location for this next-to-final episode was Australia, and the birds were shown more than once. Since I had never seen them, I looked really closely at them. You’ve given me a MUCH better photo of them!

  7. How beautiful, Cindy, thank you! I am instantly inspired by the wonderful colours of these lovely birds – a great excuse for a new knitting project! 💕

  8. I wish if it would be possible! They have really nice natural make up. (Smiling!). Cindy, it looks you’ve visited the most impressive fashion show in Australia. All the birds are like models from the podium.

  9. What a beautiful bird, Cindy. I saw a photo on someone’s blog of a Strawberry Finch! Nature just gob smacks me. 😉 I would like nothing better than to fly away and see things all over the world. But I get to do it in my recliner thanks to you and many like you sharing the wonders of the world with us. You are doing a good service. Remember that always.

    • They have a typical parrot hoarse call sound along with chirps and squacks. You can usually find parrots if you can’t see them by their groups hoarse calls.

  10. Cindy-
    Like the birds, your talent also flies!
    Your images are endlessly exquisite.
    And birds, I find myself staring at them more and more envying their freedom of flight as I refill the bird feeders in my yard.

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