Cerulean & Crimson~

Crimson Rosella’s,

share lunch!

In magical Oz,

these beauties,

join your picnic.

A crimson tide,

of feathered charm!

Cheers to you from your feathered friends in Oz~

241 thoughts on “Cerulean & Crimson~

  1. Great shots, Cindy. Good to see you’re making the best of your Australian holiday.

    I completely forgot about looking for the Crimson Rosella I saw behind my apartment building last year. It’s a rare sight in my urban setting.

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    • I bet he has heard this many times! I sang the kookaburra song to the kookaburra (yes, I did) and he looked at me like he has heard this many times, opened his beak wide, and made no sound at all (most unusual for a kookaburra) and he then flew down to the picnic table to join us. No food thank you. He just enjoyed the song. I have photos to prove this all, and my husband is my witness.

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    • Happy you enjoyed and yes, it is in the parrot family, and I noticed the regrowing feathers too. It was on one bird and not the other. I have some photos of juvenile rosellas I will post soon. They look like entirely different birds. Quite lovely.

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