241 thoughts on “Cerulean & Crimson~

    1. They radiate parrot humor, intelligence and friendliness. One landed on my head and stayed. I decided trying to take a photo would look ridiculous, (of me, not the parrot.)

      1. Jack was born in Sydney 87 years ago and couldn’t wait to bring me back “home” when he retired after 30-40 years living and working in NZ. And NZ was a great place to live too.

  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful and well photographed photographs of what is one of Australia’s Iconic birds, you have captured them beautifully Cindy.

  2. The handsome feathered friend in the first photo looks like he might have just watched the evening news and replied “Say what?”

    As always beautiful and engaging, this journey through your lens.

  3. Hey Cindy, how ya doing down-under?

    An appealing title, the Rosella’s delightful, colours to distract the eye.
    Their crimson lick is pretty slick, so too their free-lunch sly!

    Thank you for posting 😀


  4. Great shots, Cindy. Good to see you’re making the best of your Australian holiday.

    I completely forgot about looking for the Crimson Rosella I saw behind my apartment building last year. It’s a rare sight in my urban setting.

  5. What absolutely gem-like birds, Cuz. Why do all the other countries of the world seem to get all the pretty ones and we’re stuck with Canada Geese !!!!!
    ❤ Happy Valentine’s Day, Cindy ❤

  6. Hey there! It’s been a while! Great to see you’re still doing you so beautifully. Did that bird have as sweet a disposition as one might think looking at its little face? Blessings and beauty to you and yours. 🦋

    1. I bet he has heard this many times! I sang the kookaburra song to the kookaburra (yes, I did) and he looked at me like he has heard this many times, opened his beak wide, and made no sound at all (most unusual for a kookaburra) and he then flew down to the picnic table to join us. No food thank you. He just enjoyed the song. I have photos to prove this all, and my husband is my witness.

        1. They are wonderful creatures. They remember specific people for many years, and remember longest, the specific people who do bad things to them. So be nice to your raven friends (I know you will!)

    1. Happy you enjoyed and yes, it is in the parrot family, and I noticed the regrowing feathers too. It was on one bird and not the other. I have some photos of juvenile rosellas I will post soon. They look like entirely different birds. Quite lovely.

  7. There is no end to the beauty of the birds of Australia. And the crimson rosellas are utterly magnificent. Thanks for sharing this picnic with us, Cindy, truly delightful.

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