Kookaburra Day~

I spent the day with this guy as my constant companion. Wherever I went, there he was!

There could be no better welcoming committee in the world.

He even laughed!

I basically fell head over heels.

Kookaburras are carnivorous birds, so he wasn’t looking for food.

He was just curious and friendly.

You have to admit, he is one of the cutest birds you have ever seen.

Oz really is for the birds,

which means, Oz is for me too!

Cheers to you from the laughing Kookaburra~

(Note: Heading to Tasmania, so excuse me when I am absent. I will check in when I can. Until then, be well!)

283 thoughts on “Kookaburra Day~

  1. They really are the cutest and sometimes when I’m putting my washing out in the back yard in Sydney’s leafy Lower North Shore a Kookaburra comes and sits on the pole of my clothes line and watches me, I then talk to it 🙂 precious moments of life, indeed <3

  2. “Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree. Merry merry king of the bush is he. Laugh Kookaburra, Laugh Kookaburra. Gay your life must be.” 🎶 Now I have stunning photos to go along with my song. Thank you, Cindy!

  3. this bird is a personality and a half .. don’t often want to cuddle birds.. but he looks like he would be soft and cuddly… bet he could give a good nip tho’ .. Enjoy Tasmania.. had friends there back years ago.. hope it hasn’t changed too much.. it was charming.

  4. I don’t know if I’m correct, Cindy, but I always associate Kookaburras with Australia, and thus this post makes me think of the horrible wildfires there and wonder if they effect these colourful birds.
    Have a safe trip to Tasmania,

  5. Oh, what a little darling!! Your photos are just delicious — so much detail. Now I’ve got to Google a Kookaburra’s laugh and hear what that sounds like. Enjoy your travels, Cindy!

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  7. Wonderful as always Cindy and I know that the Australian tourism industry is eager to bring back visitors after the dreadful fires and floods.. They should make this little guy their ambassador and share him far and wide…have a great time in Tasmania and watch out for those devils! lol..♥

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  9. Precious! that face is so lovable and the expressions are captivating.
    the 3rd picture from the bottom is my favorite. What a coy little cutie!
    a busy day today and I’m tired to the bone, at least I was, now I’m smiling
    inside and out. Thank you!

  10. I too love these beautiful birds and your photos, as always, capture his happy, inquisitive character. We are woken almost every morning by their raucous, happy cackle. We have a resident family lives around here.

  11. Mr. Kookaburra is a splendid and expressive fellow. The detail you were able capture with your camera is incredible. As an added bonus, every time I see the word Kookaburra, the song immediately starts playing in my head.

  12. This series has to be one of the cutest series of Kookaburra images I’ve ever seen. You really captured the very best in these unique birds.

  13. Ahh…sPecktacular shots of the highest koala-lity from the amazing wizard of Oz! LOL! Enjoy your vacation, my dear friend!♡♡♡✧⁺⸜(●′▾‵●)⸝⁺✧♡♡♡

  14. I love this sweet bird and of course he follows you around. He knows a good person that cares about him. I’m so grateful that you take us along on trips we would most likely never get to see otherwise. I see you changed your photo as well. I don’t see well but I noticed that. Love it. Have fun in Tasmania.

  15. “Kookaburras are carnivorous birds, so he wasn’t looking for food.”……. are you really sure about that Cuz ??? He looks kinda hungry to me !!!

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  17. That’s awesome that you found a kookaburra that not only let you see it, but even followed you around. When I’ve been to Australia the kookaburras were something we more often heard than saw. Speaking of hearing birds, have you heard the bell birds? They sound just like bells.

    • Wonderful you know about them. I have both seen and heard the Bell Miner here! They are happy to be photographed birds. I think they are adorable. Cheers to you and thank you for stopping by.

  18. I love watching birds for long minutes and seeing them watch me watch them while they give me quizzical looks. I know we both – the bird and I – end up wishing we could communicate. Your photographs here are astounding.

    • I am so utterly blessed to blog. I learn so much from my blogging friends. I have never seen a puffbird, or heard of it, but I just google imaged it. It is clearly in the Kingfisher family, as is the kookaburra. These birds are called kings all over the world, for a reason. They have mega voices and mega brains. I love them. I am in Hyams Beach OZ now, and they are talking, loudly. Cheers to you and thank you.

  19. He’s a very cute fella! I didn’t know they were carnivorous. As we don’t have them here (Wales, UK) I’ve never seen one ‘in the feather’ so to speak, but I do know the laugh as my own has been compared to a Kookaburra!

  20. A pure joy for you to have the pleasure of this laughing kookaburra’s company, Cindy. Adorable photos. And what a treat to hear the laughing, too. I hope your Australia visit and Tasmania too are not too damaged by the recent fires. Maybe you’ll see a Tasmanian devil?

  21. This bird is exquisite! And your photographs truly convey a sense of his/her personality. I just looked up videos of kookaburras on YouTube so that I could hear their laughter/vocalization. Very expressive!!! Thank you for your wonderful photos and playful comments.

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