Kookaburra Day~

I spent the day with this guy as my constant companion. Wherever I went, there he was!

There could be no better welcoming committee in the world.

He even laughed!

I basically fell head over heels.

Kookaburras are carnivorous birds, so he wasn’t looking for food.

He was just curious and friendly.

You have to admit, he is one of the cutest birds you have ever seen.

Oz really is for the birds,

which means, Oz is for me too!

Cheers to you from the laughing Kookaburra~

(Note: Heading to Tasmania, so excuse me when I am absent. I will check in when I can. Until then, be well!)

283 thoughts on “Kookaburra Day~

  1. A pure joy for you to have the pleasure of this laughing kookaburra’s company, Cindy. Adorable photos. And what a treat to hear the laughing, too. I hope your Australia visit and Tasmania too are not too damaged by the recent fires. Maybe you’ll see a Tasmanian devil?

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  2. This bird is exquisite! And your photographs truly convey a sense of his/her personality. I just looked up videos of kookaburras on YouTube so that I could hear their laughter/vocalization. Very expressive!!! Thank you for your wonderful photos and playful comments.


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