Inner Inn (Pt. II)

The Mission Inn in Riverside California, built over a sixty year period beginning in 1876, is a living museum full of priceless art and antiquities. It has two onsite chapels, one is dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi and has glass works designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany in 1906 for a chapel in New York.

Many Della Robbia style ceramics from Italy,

are on stunning display throughout the property.

The Inn is a National Historic Landmark which you can tour on your own or with a docent. The art and artifacts overflow the spacious Inn and there is a museum with more art across the street that can also be toured.

Ten US presidents have visited The Inn,

and there is a presidential lounge dedicated to them.

The mission style interiors are comfortable and spacious, but the most amazing spaces for me are all the inner courtyards which are like beautiful outdoor rooms full of whimsical artwork and constant surprises.

Exploring is great fun as everywhere you look you find precious art and artifacts.

The clock tower has a glockenspiel with full size rotating figurines that is a replica of the original built in Nuremberg Germany in 1709.

The Inn has over 400 antique bells. One from Nanjing China dates from 1247 and is the oldest bell in Christendom.

Cheers to you from the fascinating and fun Mission Inn in Riverside California~

204 thoughts on “Inner Inn (Pt. II)

  1. So gorgeous! My older kid interviewed for grad school at UC Riverside…and if he’d chosen that instead of U of Chicago, I’d make a trip out there to visit him and tour this place. 🙂 Hope you’re having a lovely week, Cindy! ❤


    • I think your child made a good choice, even though I am a biased UCSD grad, U of C is my mother’s alma mater and she is still quite loyal. Still, it would have been quite nice to stay at The Inn whilst visiting. Cheers to you Teresa and thanks for stopping by.

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    • Happy Thanksgiving Jules and thanks so much for stopping by. We are having an epic rainstorm at The Holler, two inches in several hours and it is still coming down. Such good news for the land of fires. Hope you have a peaceful holiday my friend and cheers to you ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the Mission Inn… I’ve been during the day in the summer and at night at the holidays… thanks for these great photos. Now you make me want to visit again!


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