Cabin by the Lake~

Lake Isabella is at the southern terminus of The Sierra Nevada Mountain range in California.

The drive to the lake from Southern California takes you through the Mojave Desert where the distinctive Joshua Trees grow enmass at higher elevations.

This was our wonderful rental cabin near the lake.

Lake Isabella is in the high desert at the confluence of the north and south forks of the beautiful Kern River.

The lake sits at the southern entrance to Sequoia National Forest allowing access to both the eastern and western Sierra.

Lake Isabella is especially peaceful and empty in late fall. Cheers to you from scenic Lake Isabella~

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    1. Empty, yes. Contemplative. A spirit place. I came here instead of church, not knowing I would find elevation. Peace, Cindy (though I can see that you have found it)

  1. It looks just beautiful. I was wondering if it has any of the problems that the Salton Sea has, with the alkali deposits from farming, so I Googled it and found that the lake has dam(s?) on it and that there are concerns with the possibility of them failing and flooding downstream. It’s beautiful to look at, but I wonder if I’d want to camp near it.

  2. How stunning. The cabin looks perfect to enjoy the view.. sunrises…sunsets… wind.
    The Joshua Trees are fabulous. Wasn’t someone destroying some? I seem to remember something in the news awhile back.

    1. Yes, I think it was Miley Cyrus. She climbed up into a Joshua Tree in Joshua Tree National Park for a photo shoot which can kill the tree. Incredibly callous thing to do.

  3. Cindy, something tells me I’d really be able to finish my novel if I could rent a darling little cabin like that. Or maybe not. The gorgeous scenery you’ve photographed just begs to be enjoyed and admired!

  4. “Cabin by the Lake” is a marvelous symbol for peace and tranquility. And Septembers are perfect for they have a nostalgic feeling. I love John Muir’s thought: In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

  5. Spectacular photos: the lake almost looks like a mirror! It sounds like you’re quite familiar with the area, what would you recommend in terms of home base while exploring the area? Lake Isabelle? Sequoia National Park? Or the National Forest?

    1. Oh boy, that’s a toughy. Here would be some ideal scenarios, Sequoia National Park in early winter or very late fall, before it gets snowed in, after the dust, heat and crowds are gone. Seeing the giant sequoias dusted in snow and alone is magical. I would have a picnic at Lake Isabelle and hike around it in the fall. The national forest is fun to explore in the fall, when the crowds are gone and the weather is cooler.

      1. Thank you! I like your ideal scenarios, especially the aspects of avoiding the bipeds’ high season 🙂 We were in Sequoia National Park last year (in the summer, along with the crowds…) and the Air Quality Alerts due to the fires had us out of there pretty quickly. After all, what’s the point of being in a National Park when you’re supposed to stay indoors? Clearly we need to revisit, thanks again for the advice of how to do it!

        1. Let me know what you think when you go. National Parks are extraordinary experiences in the off and shoulder seasons because you get to be with the park, not with crowds of people.

          1. That’s fabulous advice! We still didn’t have our HR status (Happily Retired 😉) last year, and it was not fun getting elbowed on the hike around Lake Louise… I think we’ll leverage the shoulder seasons exclusively from now on!

          1. Thanks, gal.
            I shall do me bestest to keep the funnies coming, why not I say, it can’t make m calamities any worse. Hehehe!
            Mind you, Tuesday was bad one.
            Thanks flower. ♥

      1. I never plan to visit Israel but friend of mine many times convinced to do so. Finally I gave up and never regret. It is beautiful and unique country. Unfortunately, I did not write enough posts about my impressions of Israel.

  6. Oh my goodness. This lake is gorgeous and the surrounding area magnificent. Enjoy your stay, Cindy – and Happy Thanksgiving this week. I am thankful for you, your shared visions and experiences. They make my life richer.

      1. It’s certainly better than a squeaky springs under a lumpy mattress with no sheets or blankets. I stayed in those kind of rat holes years ago. Fortunately, we did have a kitty-kitty favor us with a visit. 🙂

  7. Bonjour Mon Amie CINDY

    Plusieurs personnes entrent dans nos vies
    Certaines pour y rester et d’autres ne font que passer
    Quoi qu’il en soit, elles resteront gravées dans nos mémoires
    Laissant une marque ou une cicatrice dans notre cœur ou une trace de leur passage

    Des portes se ferment, des cœurs se referment au fil des jours
    On ne sait jamais si c’est le hasard, le destin, la chance ou le malheur
    qui mettent ces personnes sur nos chemins
    On sait toujours ce qu’on perd, mais jamais ce qu’on gagne

    Mais le destin suit saroute
    Je te souhaite une excellente et une très bonne journée ou soirée

  8. These are beautiful photos, Cindy! Guess what? We were in San Diego recently and visited the Free Flight Bird Sanctuary. Your recent photos inspired us to go and we were caotivated by the birds and their unique personalities. We played peek a boo with Baby Bird and marveled at the alarms they all gave about a hawk in the trees across the street. They are sooo observant! Thanks for showing and telling about this amazing place!

    1. Oh my gosh!!! I would have met you there! But, I am so glad you went and enjoyed the birds and the amazing people who run and volunteer at the place. Makes me happy to imagine you making friends with those outgoing birds. Blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family and thank you for letting me know of your experience. You make me happy that I posted <3

      1. Yes, the volunteers were amazing and so knowledgeable! Loved the bird with the vest someone made him so he wouldn’t pluck out his feathers! The vest had a heart on it:)

  9. I have memories of Lake Isabella from 30 years ago… during a period when I refused to take a camera anywhere.. don’t ask. So happy to see these photos!

    1. I won’t ask. But I want to. I took cameras everywhere over my lifetime, the disposable kind you used to be able to buy at drugstores, and throw away. It was my husband, with his expensive camera, who said to me, less than ten years ago, that my photos, taken with that $8 camera were better than his. It took that to get my attention. I basically didn’t know I could see.

    1. Come on over cuz, but I have to warn you, we just got 4 feet of snow which is unheard of and more is coming on Wednesday. It is all good though, as we need it desperately.

    1. California has a lot of problems, but she is my birthplace and I love her dearly. And we have snow, four feet of it, and more on the horizon Wednesday! Unheard of and so needed.

  10. Lake Isabella – I haven’t heard those words for decades. My driver’s education teacher’s wife was killed there when she stood up in a boat and was struck by a submerged tree limb. I have been there many times. Thanks for bringing back some memories (good and bad).

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