Peruvian Pelis~

Coquimbo Chile is a marine bird paradise!

It is home to the impressive Peruvian Pelican.

Peruvian Pelicans are twice the size of their northern cousins and stand up to five feet tall!

They somehow manage to look individually comical,

but sober as judges in a group.

These beauties were photographed in Coquimbo Chile, and on the Palomino and Ballestas Islands off the coast of Peru.

Cheers to you from the pretty as a picture Peruvian pelis~

190 thoughts on “Peruvian Pelis~

    • Yep. Birds and boats, fisherman and creatures. It is an old relationship, There are so many more photos I have of these true fisherman, who go out in their tiny pangas, and brave the sea. They have relationships, which I have photographed, with gigantic sea lions, and all the crying birds, to whom they toss fish.

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  1. I was just thinking tonight, “where in the world is Cindy”? I see Peru is the host and perhaps you’re been held hostage by Pelicans, ha! At 5′ tall, they’re nearly as tall as me. Cranky, that’s one big bird! Cheers dear x K

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  2. I can’t help wondering why they all stand around with their heads tucked, Cindy. “Sober as judges,” indeed! But at least it looks like they all went to the same grooming salon, ha!

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  3. Coucou toi belle CINDY

    Je viens déposer
    Le soleil dans ton coeur
    Ma douceur dans ton âme
    Un ciel étoilé dans ton regard

    Lorsque ton coeur
    Parlera à mon coeur
    Nos âmes brûleront ,d’une douce chaleur

    Lorsque je viens te rendre visite
    Il me semble que je prends ta main
    Afin d’être unis d’une grande amitié Céleste
    Agréable journée ou soirée belle semaine
    Gros bisous Bernard

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