I found Bambi grazing on a lawn in Washington state!

He was surrounded by very watchful adults.

The adults were a bit wary of humans,

but Bambi was pure curiosity!

This adult had a massive yet cleanly healed scar that transversed her right side and formed a y flap crossing over her shoulder. This was a major injury that cut through lots of muscle. I wonder if a good samaritan veterinarian stitched her up?

Cheers to you from the peaceful, and very dear-deer~

236 thoughts on “Dear~

  1. Aren’t they beautiful? When we lived in the country, I’d see them all the time. Yet every single time was like opening a gift. Always gasps and smiles and if I wasn’t on the way to work, I could sit and watch them for a while. Besides that scar, they look healthy too. What a blessing have them be part of your day. x K

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  2. Reblogged this on Mitch Teemley and commented:
    My Featured Blogger this week is Cindy Knoke, a former psychotherapist who packed everything up and moved to a rural (think “wild”) location she calls “The Holler.”

    Cindy now traipses local and foreign vistas, taking spectacular photos of better adapted creatures than many of her former clients, as well as images of breathtaking vistas and charming towns. She regularly posts these online, along with her reveries and thoughtful insights. (There is quite a collection of her work at National Geographic’s Your Shot site, as well.)

    I’m hardly the first person to recommend Cindy (she has a BIG following), but I gladly add my voice to the list!

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    • Such a thoughtful, kind and wonderful gift from you Mitch. I am deeply touched. I have already met some of your friends who have stopped over to say Hello. You, are they, are a blessing to me. Thank you my friend & be well ❤

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  3. On this humid bustling day, these pictures still the world.
    It is a joy to find your blog. My thanks to Mr. Teemley for
    the lead and to you for sharing the living of your dream.

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  4. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon Amie et belle CINDY Tes images sont remarquables

    Chaque jour, je vois défiler le temps
    devant moi la réalité, derrière moi un passé
    Chaque jour, je fais les mêmes gestes
    Les mêmes mouvements
    Assis devant un café, je viens te retrouver
    L’ordinateur est devenu mon ami avec lui
    je t’offre un peu de joie un peu de bonheur
    et toute l’amitié que j’ai au fond du cœur
    Profite bien et ai pleinement conscience du bonheur de vivre
    Je te souhaite un bonne fin de semaine

    Bises amicales

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  5. Such perfect photos of a moment of peace and tranquility. It does hurt my heart to know they are in danger every moment. I hope whoever patched that sweet fellow up knows how much it was appreciated. I saw deer wandering yards in Boulder, CO several years ago. They almost looked like statues resting on the lawns. Thanks for sharing this lovely family moment.


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