I found Bambi grazing on a lawn in Washington state!

He was surrounded by very watchful adults.

The adults were a bit wary of humans,

but Bambi was pure curiosity!

This adult had a massive yet cleanly healed scar that transversed her right side and formed a y flap crossing over her shoulder. This was a major injury that cut through lots of muscle. I wonder if a good samaritan veterinarian stitched her up?

Cheers to you from the peaceful, and very dear-deer~

234 thoughts on “Dear~

  1. What I remember most about my trips to Washington state were the cherry blossoms, waterfalls and deer — and everything was so lush and green. The baby deer were very curious, but the parents were very cautious. Brings back memories.

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  3. Aren’t they lovely?
    Unfortunately, we found a dead fawn [very likely hit by a car] on our property last night. I did not bury it, though, but just took it out of our sight and left it there in the open, hoping that our vultures will take care of it.

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  4. Dear Cindy,
    It does seem Bambi has released itself from being imprisoned in a book, it wants to know first hand why we all love her so much. I guess the mystery is solved now, it’s time for it to go to the comforts of the pages of the book and delight generations of sweet little kids forever! 🙂

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    • Awww, my sweet friend, you just made my ❤ smile! She is surprised we love her, but every child who ever read about her does, and at least in the pages of the book, she is safe forever. Love to you ❤

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  5. I love the level of detail you were able to get with your photos! Deer are regular visitors at my place. I refer to them as DWA (Deer with Attitude). They just look up from eating the hostas and stare us down: Yeah, I’m eating your hostas. You wanna make sumthin’ of it? Ah well, they were here first.

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    • Laughing, a lot….I watched them eating someone’s vegetable garden. I specifically said, quite clearly, several times, “You are not supposed to do that!” It had the exact effect you would imagine. They are funny creatures. They seemed more nervous when I silently took their photos, then when I told them to stop eating the veggies. So here’s what I’m thinking. When you next see them eating your hostas, creep oh so slowly, and oh so stilly, and just stand there, perfectly still, preferably with a camera, looking at them intently. I think it will unnerve them, and at least slow down the hosta consumption….a bit.

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