Port Townsend’s Painted Ladies~

Port Townsend has to be one of the most charming towns we have visited.

It is a historic Victorian seaport on the edge of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.

Click to enlarge if you want to see the details of this amazing house and garden.

The town is bordered by the stunning Puget Sound and the Straight of Juan de Fuca.

It has panoramic views of the sound and the snowy Olympic Mountains.

This beauty with her Mansard roof is perched overlooking the water, with windows everywhere, to capture the views.

Port Townsend is full of art galleries and artists.

The residents have restored the town’s many painted ladies to surpass their former glory.

Bounded by seas and sounds, Port Townsend has wonderful restaurants, as well as fun pubs and cafes.

St Paul’s Episcopal Church is a gothic revival built in 1860.

Wandering the the old Victorian neighborhoods is a architectual browsers paradise.

Cheers to you from stunning and historic Port Townsend~

220 thoughts on “Port Townsend’s Painted Ladies~

  1. We’ve been to Port Townsend many a time, it’s one of the standard stops for my dive club. (Frequently diving a couple hundred yards west of the lighthouse at Point Wilson, with occasional excursions to other spots in the region.) I’ll be interested to see if you feature more beyond the Painted Ladies.


  2. It was a great calm time, when no streetcars and vans were rolling by and airplanes flying high. (And polluting the environment)


  3. Eeeep! Get me there ! What a charming place to call home. I’d live there in a heartbeat . I’ve just Googled how I’d get there πŸ˜€ 1 hr 55 min non-stop to Seattle then 1:40 minute drive to PT !! Putting it on the list πŸ˜€ You could be a travel agent x K


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