Port Townsend’s Painted Ladies~

Port Townsend has to be one of the most charming towns we have visited.

It is a historic Victorian seaport on the edge of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.

Click to enlarge if you want to see the details of this amazing house and garden.

The town is bordered by the stunning Puget Sound and the Straight of Juan de Fuca.

It has panoramic views of the sound and the snowy Olympic Mountains.

This beauty with her Mansard roof is perched overlooking the water, with windows everywhere, to capture the views.

Port Townsend is full of art galleries and artists.

The residents have restored the town’s many painted ladies to surpass their former glory.

Bounded by seas and sounds, Port Townsend has wonderful restaurants, as well as fun pubs and cafes.

St Paul’s Episcopal Church is a gothic revival built in 1860.

Wandering the the old Victorian neighborhoods is a architectual browsers paradise.

Cheers to you from stunning and historic Port Townsend~

246 thoughts on “Port Townsend’s Painted Ladies~

    • Pt. Townsend and Victoria are just a hop and a skip from each other by ferry, and yes, the similarities are marked. Both are very beautiful. Victoria is a much bigger city though, and PT is a small quiet town.

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  1. Really enjoyed this stroll with you, Cindy, through Port Townsend. I took a ferry here, once, but didn’t see the beautiful houses, so enjoyed this aspect. The emerald grass and trees and flowery gardens are so rich with life.

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  2. Lovely buildings Cindy. I’ve noticed that many communities that are near the ocean/sea tend to paint their buildings/homes in bright colours. Two that come to mind are Newfoundland and many of the Greek Islands. I wonder why?

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    • That is so interesting. I was born and grew up by the ocean and my town was not particularly colorful. Both the places you mention are not in the USA. I tend to see more use of color abroad. New Orleans and San Fran, both by water, are quite colorful though, and that gorgeous town full of Victorians in Florida……

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  3. What an interesting variety of architecture and the gardens are utterly charming. This is one town I would love to walk around.

    One house reminded me of the verandah and double storey of my best friend’s home. They have restored all the exterior and painted it the traditional colours of the era in which is was built, just like in your post.

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  4. They are dream houses. Its beauty can be seen at first sight by how well taken care of they are. The photos are impressive. You have captured the colors brilliantly. A visit that is worth doing. Greetings.

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  5. My sister lived in Port Hadlock for about a year right outside Port Townsend and she took me around a little but I do NOT remember seeing those beautiful homes! I also didn’t get to any lovely restaurants but there are lots of arts and creative things going on. Thank you for showing me the lovelier side of this. Perspective.

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    • The weird thing is, I have explored some of the nearby areas several times, but PT was never on my radar. Just goes to show my radar isn’t worth much. It also may indicate, the more you travel, the more humble you get, for good reason. There is always so much more in this world that we can ever see, no matter how hard we try. Lots of travel makes me recognize I am kinda dumb, comparatively. And I like this. Love to you Marlene, and to your wonderful son, and be well my friend.

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  6. Gorgeous homes!!! My favourite is the one with the Mansard roof, for I love all those big windows! I am a creature of light … I cannot stand to have the blinds closed during the day, and the bigger the windows the better! Thanks for adding a bit of beauty to this day!

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    • I feel exactly the same as you. All my houses have lots of windows most of which are uncovered. I love the light. The house you mention had the entire back enclosed in an open glass patio running the entire length of the house and looking directly down at the sea. Gorgeous. Thank you so much for taking the time to post such a thoughtful comment Jill & cheers to you~

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    • The church is special isn’t it. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. We are going to Santa Ynez wine country soon, en famille, to spend time with our new twin grandsons. Happy Sunday & cheers to you~

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  7. You post a lot of your photos on Pintrest…right? I’ve missed so many trips I wondered if you’ve been to New Zealand, Amterdam or Sweden. I bet the landscape is nice in all three. I have an affection for those mean little taz devils, I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a cage with them. πŸ™‚

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