Green Winged & Scarlet Macaws~

Green Winged Macaws have green feathers on their wings and red feathers on their faces. They are red, green and blue, and live in South America.

Scarlet Macaws are red, yellow and and blue, with white faces.

Scarlets live in South and Central America and Mexico.

I was amazed to come upon this friendly scarlet in Costa Rica.

I couldn’t figure out why he was performing for me, until his mate turned up, and I realized they were feeding their chick in a nest in the hollow of this tree.

I have never seen nesting wild macaws so this was quite a thrill!

Macaw populations are scattered in the wild and rare to find.

Their numbers have been decimated by habitat destruction and the pet parrot trade.

Macaws are highly intelligent and mate for life.

Cheers to you from the incredible Macaws~

292 thoughts on “Green Winged & Scarlet Macaws~

  1. Cindy, I am sure that was a real treat! I used to have a parrot and a cockateil. And when I did, there were a couple of wild Macaws that lived in that city then. They are gorgeous!
    You take such awesome photos!


  2. What a handsome fellow ! The upside-down move made me laugh and I was actually thinking, “Look at me, over here, look what I can do! ” Then, as you explained, he was drawing your attention away from his family, how brilliant ! ❤ xK


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