Golden Mantled Howler Mama & Baby~

I found this pair on the shores of a river leading into Lake Nicaragua. Golden Mantles are named for the long golden hairs on their backs and shoulders. They are the largest Central American monkey and are critical seed dispersers and germinators.

I stood very still,

and shot them for quite awhile.

They both eventually became curious,

and walked down the tree branches directly towards me!

They hooted gently, causing me to back up!

I wasn’t sure at first if it was safe for them to get this close.

My cowardice seemed to disappoint them, and they went back up the tree, and about their business, ignoring me.

Cheers to you from Nicaragua’s friendly Golden Mantles~

183 thoughts on “Golden Mantled Howler Mama & Baby~

  1. Truly outstanding photos, Cindy. I was once standing too close to a howler and he threw a piece of fruit he was eating at me. They have a clear way of communicating their boundaries. lol. I love your photos here, and studied them for a long time. I love howler monkeys. Loved seeing the colors of their fur in the sunshine, the eyes so wide open, especially liked the one hooting at you. Nice background too. What a great day for you. Thanks for sharing it.

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  2. these photos are super spectacular. The models are reflected with a surprising sharpness that we can even visualize their expressions on their faces. Undoubtedly a wonderful experience in the Central American jungle.

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  3. So cute!! I think they liked being clicked!! But if i was in your place i would have been running back with full force the moment they looked like coming down!! 😂😂 You are brave!!
    Loved your description!!

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  4. Sweet salve for these eyes (after those crocs, ha). They’re so beautiful I could cry. I’m so happy you were able to be in their presence and part of their day. What an amazing experience Cindy !! xk

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