Valparaiso Open Air Art~

There are hundreds of wall sized open air painted murals all over Valparaiso.

Click to enlarge this photo to see how the artist recycled plastic soda bottles to create living window planters for her imaginary town and writes about the need to creatively recycle plastics .

The talent and creativity of these artists blows me away.

In this hostel, I zoomed in on the art around the doorway in the photos below, so you can see the detail.

What strikes me is how talented these artists are,

and how many of them will remain unrecognized.

It is often luck that makes one famous, and another unknown.

In a fairer world, all these artists would be recognized for the true talent they have.

Valparaiso is full of gifted artists, but it also has so many poor people, and the largest slums in Chile.

The unfair fact this illustrates is that talent and poverty often reside together.

Please note: I am traveling by sea now and have limited access to internet. I will check in when possible but please excuse my inability to be responsive online.

Cheers to you from the talented artists of Valparaiso~

221 thoughts on “Valparaiso Open Air Art~

  1. I always think that these artists who paint on such a scale hold more talent than those who paint on canvas.. I could never begin to get the perspective right on such a huge scale..
    Beautiful art,
    Thank you for sharing ❤

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  2. Wonderful artistic workmanship and use of items that people would just normally throw away. So nice to see these wonderful and talented artists creating things of such beauty.
    Safe travels on your ship excursion. Will be anxiously awaiting your next post to see where you were traveling to next.

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  4. These to me are even more stunning than the first set – variety, color, technique. Any clue how long they work on them? One huge investment of time, or coming back and forth to add details and new elements? I see one white building outline that suggests multiple visits.

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  5. I love that beautiful street art!! It’s amazing and impressive. I do agree that they are not getting their due on this. I saw on the news there was a pig and a two year old who were smearing paint on canvas and it was being sold for thousands of dollars. Insane! But of course you can’t buy the street art. I would if I could. I hope you are having a great trip. Hugs.

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