Café del Pintor~

Wow! The everywhere art in Valparaiso Chile exceeds it’s reputation for being arguably the best street art in the world.

There is so much amazing talent to share with you, but let’s start here, this is the front door of the ‘Café of the Artist,’ painted by a male Chilean art student depicting everyday scenes from the town of Valparaiso.

The waiter explained to me that the art in this restaurant was painted by two art students, one a French female whose mind boggling talent you are looking at now. (Please click to enlarge).

Since internet is slow, I can’t look these artists up, but I will when I can.

Maybe you can find out for me?

All I know is pure talent when I see it.

The first two paintings of the café sign and the entry door were done by the Chilean student, and are depictions of Valparaiso, as is the one above.

Here is another mural focusing on culture and heritage.

I didn’t take photos of the food which is a shame because I was too distracted by the art, but the food was ethereal. If you come to Valparaiso, eat here and bring your camera.

Cheers from Valparaiso, the city of living art and excellent food~

220 thoughts on “Café del Pintor~

      1. You’re welcome, Cindy. Remins me, in a way, of the mural we saw in Cincinnati last year. They were fantastic, but no way as many as there seem to be here.

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  2. Cindy,

    I’ve been there once back in the early 90’s when I used to take Embassy Flights to South American from Panama where I was living at for 2 years while on active duty in the Army. I concur…Valparaiso, Chile is a real cool place with impressive art and food. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It is gorgeous and the art speaks to human talent and hope. There is so much poverty here though. These hovels are painted with amazing art. It is both beautiful and sad. I wish people were kinder to each other.

    1. It reminds me of a NPR lecture I listened to recently that discussed the fact that so many people have amazing talents and most incredibly talented people are never recognized. It is luck that makes some artists famous and others unknown.

  3. Best street art in the world, indeed! Appreciate your effort for the post, while traveling this beautiful part of the world. 🙂 <3

    1. I never can understand why the US is so afraid of color, but now that I just wrote this, I guess I see the obvious and disheartening reason. Yes, please bring on the color and the street art to American cities. And while we are at it, lets have cars in colors other than, white, grey, black, and red!

  4. If the city ever feels a need to boost tourism, it would do well to get permission to use your colorful and detailed photos, and to adopt the tag line ending this post:
            Valparaiso, the city of living art and excellent food

  5. I really think that street art has created a Renaissance of a sort, Cindy, by opening up art to so much raw talent and by providing a opportunity for exposure and growth. It’s what I see at Burning Man and murals everywhere. –Curt

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      1. Cindy, you certainly know what I like. Thank you and I hope you got that amazing link I tried to send you. If not, I shall add it here. Having been to a previous exhibit there, I can’t wait. It is also so close to the hospital where Van Gogh painted Starry Night and many others. Enjoy. <3

    1. And just like weeds, these awesome art forms will not be denied. I finally learned, since I have been a gardener for along time, that rather than planting what I wanted in my garden, I just should celebrate the weeds.

    1. Lucky daughter in law. I bet she misses Chile. The country encompasses so many different ecosystems from north to south. It is a fascinating country to explore.

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