Peeps are the world’s tiniest Sandpipers.

They weigh 3/4 of an ounce and stand just a couple inches tall.

They run speedily along the beach like frenetic tiny housekeepers, catching all sorts of little crabs to eat.

Here they are politely sharing a sandcrab lunch!

You can see how tiny they are in comparison to a Western Gull and a Godwit Sandpiper.

These peeps are Western Sandpipers.

They winter along the California coast and breed in Alaska and Siberia.

These constantly busy little birds are super entertaining to watch.

Cheers to you from California’s winter peeps~

193 thoughts on “Peeps~

  1. The true peeps, no brightly colored marshmallow confection. Youโ€™ve really captured the life of peeps in your photo gallery and the birds are so sweet up against those giant ones.

  2. I like sandpipers in general, they spend a lot of time at our lake shore in the summer, even appear to dance on logs, but the peeps as shown are delightful and very impressive in spite of their small size. Very beautiful photos, Cindy!

  3. Thank you for more great photographs! I delight in watching sandpipers on the beach when I camp with family members on Cape Cod each summer. So small and yet so strong!!! I often marvel at how birds manage to migrate โ€” often vast distances โ€” around our planet from season to season, generation to generation.

  4. You must be sitting so still that they don’t even notice you to get those shots. Incredible. The water looks like diamond bubbles around them. I learn so much here and now I want to go to the beach but ours is way too cold yet. ;( Thanks for sitting there and capturing these delicate little creatures.

  5. When we are mindful of our surroundings and see the communities that are in tune with nature, we become ever more grateful for the life that has been given. Beautiful photos, Cindy. Thank you for giving me a โ€œmindfulโ€ moment. Hugs!

  6. I’ve always LOVED sandpipers! I could stand on the beach and watch them for hours, but my husband loses patience. I definitely appreciated seeing these little fellows today to be reminded of warmer days to come here in frigid NH. You’ve captured their essence beautifully.

  7. LOL! I always thought peeps were people. Now I know they are Sandpipers.
    Live and learn.
    Next thing you’ll tell me is that Bagpipers are birds that don’t play Danny Boy! xx

  8. What darling little birdies!! And “Peeps” is just a perfect name for them. Thank you, Cindy, for sharing them with us today. They look like they might fit tidily right in the palm of your hand!

  9. I can’t believe you read all these. Anyway, thanks for today’s “like.” When I went to post, I saw that there were comments, going back to forever, that I’d never seen before. Only 2 of them were NOT sales pitches for something or other, one being yours! So the answer is: I don’t have a clue how they work those comments. I thought they came to my email address, but am not sure. I do get your likes in my email, so if you message me, I’ll probably receive that in my email as well. Thanks again for all your wonderful photos from all over the world and The Holler.

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    1. Yes, please add my email. You can find it under my wordpress gravatar as I don’t want to publish it for people beyond wordpress to see. Best of luck with your poetry book. I hope it will be a smashing success.

  11. There are so many beautiful photos of the birds here. I do photos too, but none as great as yours. I am an artist in fiber arts and mixed media, and these are so enticing, along with your others of the big wilderness. Fantastic things!

  12. Great photos of these peeps. I just tried to photograph some on Fort Myers Beach. They move so fast. Then a couple walking a dog scared them and they flew away. The big sandpipers stayed behind. They posed for a few shots. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Great photos and good to see the godwit and the comparison. Peeps are tiny. I am wondering if they are like the ones we call sanderlings, but these I think are bigger.

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