Peeps are the world’s tiniest Sandpipers.

They weigh 3/4 of an ounce and stand just a couple inches tall.

They run speedily along the beach like frenetic tiny housekeepers, catching all sorts of little crabs to eat.

Here they are politely sharing a sandcrab lunch!

You can see how tiny they are in comparison to a Western Gull and a Godwit Sandpiper.

These peeps are Western Sandpipers.

They winter along the California coast and breed in Alaska and Siberia.

These constantly busy little birds are super entertaining to watch.

Cheers to you from California’s winter peeps~

Azulejos II~

When we think of Portugal’s historical tradition of hand painted tile work,

we normally think of the traditional blue and white,

or Portugal’s unique and iconic blue, yellow and white.

But Portugal, historically, is more colorful than our imagination.

It is amazing to consider that each tile,

in this country of seemingly infinite historical tile work,

was handmade.

Artistic beauty,

created by ordinary human beings,

helps us,

recognize what we all are capable of.
Cheers to you from Portugal’s enduring art & artisans~
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Lady Bug, Lady Bug, Fly Away Home!

DSC02927 (2)


Your House is On Fire and Your Children May Burn?
Why is this nursery rhyme so morbid? I never taught it to my kids.
DSC02928 (1)

DSC02930 (2)

This one is hiding! One variety of ladybug is native to California. Japan and Europe introduced other ladybug varieties to the US to control harmful garden bugs.
This ladybug landed on my skirt. They like to land on people. It doesn’t bother me, but maybe this is the origin of the nursery rhyme? Maybe 200 years ago people were annoyed with lady bugs landing on them and made up the morbid rhyme? Come on Ladybug, fly away home now….the photo session is over already….
Cheers & hope you have lots of ladybugs in your garden. They are helpful little beetles!