Wild Eyes~

When you look into these wild eyes,

what do you see?

I see,

wild hearts,


yearning to be free.

These mountain lions were photographed at The Big Bear Alpine Zoo in Big Bear Lake California.

Big Bear Alpine Zoo is a rescue and rehabilitation facility that provides injured, orphaned and imprinted wild animals a safe haven, either temporarily as they heal, or permanently if they are unable to survive in the wild. 90% of the animals brought to the facility are released back into the wild.

There are 160 animals in the facility currently, comprising 60 different species. There is a golden eagle with one eye, a bear with three legs, a grizzly that was scheduled for euthanasia at Yellowstone, animals that were kept as pets and abandoned when they become too much to handle, and many more animals with sad histories.

A new zoo is under construction that will offer more spacious accommodation with glass enclosures. The zoo is owned by The Big Bear Department of Parks and Recreation and is staffed by county employees (Source: Big Bear Alpine Zoo).

Cheers to you from the gorgeous cats at The Big Bear Alpine Zoo~

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300 thoughts on “Wild Eyes~

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  2. This seems to be more like an animal hospital than a zoo. They say that 90% of all the animals brought to them for rehabilitation are successfully released back into their native environment. That is good to hear.

    Excellent pictures, as usual, Cindy.

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  3. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon amie et belle CINDY

    Je regarde le ciel et je pense tout en m’évadant
    Et je m’envole dans le plus grand silence
    Voir un monde meilleur sans guerre ou tout le monde se donne la main
    Voir toutes les personnes du monde ce sourire, sans aucun ne soit être déçu
    Des jours à ma fenêtre
    Je regarde les enfants courir,sauter,s’amuser
    sans que la maladie viennent les toucher
    Je regarde aussi les couples
    Ou l’amour de deux personnes sans qu’elles soient jugées
    ne peuvent se mentir
    Aimer toujours aimer quoi de plus beau
    Sans le dire on peux le démontrer par la parole ,par un cadeau autres
    Sur ces mots
    Je passe te souhaiter une bonne journée ou fin de soirée
    Gros bisous

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  5. I lived in Big Bear for a very short time as I am physically unable to cope with the cold, but I remember that rescue sanctuary very well. It is a great location and the animals seem to be very well cared for. I love the wild creatures, especially wild donkeys. I very much keep up on those and occasionally go to Reche Canyon to see them. Last time I was up there, a bunch of them in different locations decided to cross the road, and I was so frightened that they would get hit. Yes, we now have a donkey sanctuary in this area thanks to Bob Barker, but there are still donkeys getting hit in the roads because there are no fences to keep them on one side or the other. They are actually very gentle (generally speaking) creatures. One time we pulled into an off-the-road area where there were a bunch of donkeys, and right away a mother, father, and their two children, a younger boy and an older girl donkey came to show off their children. They approached the car, and mom pushed the little boy up to the car. I petted his face gently and then she pushed the older little girl up to us, and I petted her face, and then they looked kindly at us and turned about and went their way. If I ever had the opportunity and a good supportive piece of land, I would have a couple of them in my yard. They are quite good at being good guard animals too. They will bray loudly if someone approaches their property when they live in a specific area. I knew people in Deming, New Mexico who had a ranch, and the donkeys lived there. If anyone came near the property, they would bray loudly, especially at night. Geese too are good that way.
    Thank you for the lovely post.

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    • I have wanted donkeys for eons. We have plenty of room for them at The Holler and they are wonderful at chasing off coyotes. I love their temperaments too. Your story about the wild donkey family introducing their children to you is quite moving. Wild animals are often inaptly named aren’t they. Maybe humans are actually the wilder ones in the final analysis. I hope you get some donkeys ❤ ❤

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