Dublin’s Fair City~

Is really so pretty!

The historic old pubs are lovely,

and fun to explore,

on a good, old-fashioned Irish pub-crawl.

You are guaranteed to make friends because the people are warm, friendly, and often just a tad tipsy!

Dublin is a vibrant, colorful city,

justifiably proud,

of its artistic and literary history.

I am still home at The Holler, but it’s cheers to you from beautiful Dublin~

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    1. I was just in Belfast for the first time. I was blown away by Northern Ireland. The whole country is so beautiful and I love the warmth of the people. It is a wonderful homeland for you to have.

  2. Ah, lass, ye waken the irish in me with the pics of all these grand pubs. Would that I could raise a glass in each one of ’em. How are things in the holler? Gettin’ cold out here in the hinterlands. The permacloud is now here and we won’t see much sun til spring now. Take good care…… Hugs !

      1. Yes I post a couple of times a week. Just done an October update of the garden and doing posts about recent trip to Broken Hill retiredfromgypsylife.wordpress.com hope you can find them

  3. Great photos Cindy. I spent time in the past in Dublin and I think I went to the same Pubs that you guys did. I distinctly remember the one in the second photo of this post. Yes, Irish are friendly, but often a bit tipsy!. Love the painted walls on some of the buildings. Way too cool!.

  4. Love Dublin and your gorgeous pictures!

    (I tried to tweet this but got weird message: “403 Forbidden. The server understood your request but is refusing to fulfil it.”)

    1. How strange! That usually means an code error or private file. Thanks for letting me know, but I have no idea how to fix it. Thank you for the thought though, that is what counts!

  5. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine and commented:
    Just to show that Ireland is not entirely green, Cindy Knoke brings out the colour of the City of Dublin, particularly around Temple Bar and the flower stalls that fill the main shopping streets such as Grafton Street.. It is a bit wet and windy here today but you will always get a warm welcome and local colour.. Cindy as always has captured both with her amazing photography.

  6. What an extraordinary display of colour. I never dreamed Dublin’s pubs and buildings were so eye-catching. The street art and building facades are stunning.

    1. My husband did the Guinness drinking on my behalf, while I soaked up the visuals. We both enjoyed ourselves immensely. So glad you have experienced this too & cheers to you~

    1. Ireland is wonderful. The people are genuinely happy to see you and want to talk with you. It is quite special. I hope you have a chance to realize your dream and go <3

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    1. Oh good. It is wonderful to have our conceptions challenged because it keeps us growing and learning. This happened to me in Belfast, so I know how the experience feels.

  8. Your pictures and travels never fail to amaze me Cindy! You have such an eye for the most unusual sights. Such a treat….I may not comment very often, but I always enjoy your posts.

      1. Hi Cindy,
        very likely we’ll spend a few days in Northern Ireland, too. My first plan was the Republc of Ireland, plus two days in Northern Ireland, plus a week in Wales. But now I’ve changed it to Ireland [north and south] only, to have more time there, and leave Wales for some other time. We need to find out if some distant relatives of my wife [her ancestry is half Irish] can still be dug up.
        Enjoy your day,

        1. Oh it sounds perfect and I think you are wise to limit yourself to Ireland, as there is so much to see and do that one cannot accomplish in one trip. You will have a wonderful time and meeting up with long lost relatives would make the experience much richer.

  9. Loved Dublin when we visited, even though it was many years ago. The Irish hospitality and food was excellent.
    That was the trip where Hubby’s holdall went on its holidays without him as it got loaded with the luggage of a departing party and had to be returned to the hotel by taxi from Cork!

    1. Oh my gosh. I live in dread of this happening. When we went to Antarctica, the airlines lost a man’s luggage. He was easy to recognize because he wore the same clothes everyday and they were not suitable for Antarctica. It is a testament to Ireland’s charms, and your husband’s fortitude, that you both still had a wonderful time and retain positive memories.

      1. We found it highly amusing at so many people trying to rectify the problem, though saying his bag contained his medication may have had a lot to do with it. We could not fault the service, and the hotel was spotless. Breakfast was amazing. We were only there for three days, but it thoroughy enjoyed it, especially the pub entertainment, even though we are not drinkers, we could still listen outside. Wonderful.

  10. Such captivating colors! Never been there, but now I wish. And I should have known. After all, My Dear is Irish as they come — McDonough. I was captivated 55 years ago, and happily still am.

    1. Yes. Thank you for asking/remembering. It got a little hairy, but all is well now. The boys are a month old and mama is very mellow. Dad is every bit as involved as mom which is really nice to see. You are a thoughtful soul for remembering and caring.

  11. I’m just pea-green with envy, Cindy — Dublin is exactly where I intend to visit again, as soon as I have the chance!! Gorgeous photos of a warm and lovely city!

    1. It is odd isn’t it. No matter how much one travels, the bucket list never gets shorter because with every place you tick off, there is another where you say, “Oh we must go back and see more!”
      Ireland is definitely such a place.

  12. You are such an inspiration Cindy with your amazing photos and light spirit. I’ve not been to Ireland, but am drawn to it time and again. Maybe Aer Lingus via Dublin for my next visit home to Scotland ☺️

  13. So much color!! I was in Dublin a few years ago with my daughter– and you’ve made me want to go back! Did you go to the old school Natural History Museum?? That was our favorite. Beautiul Cindy! hugs!

  14. Hi Cindy
    Hello everyone
    I just totally loved the pictures, full of life and positivity. I belong to a place which is known for its beauty all over the world, i.e Kashmir Valley. Seeing natural beauty on pictures doesn’t fascinate me at all because i have grown up seeing that all live.
    Talking about the pictures you uploaded, they are just amazing, i can feel positivity in them, all the colours together, with no negativity, its just awesome.

    1. Awww, lovely to meet you and thank you for such very kind words. They are much appreciated. My mother spent time in Kashmir on sabbatical when I was in graduate school. I did a post on her travels and photos, and I still have the glorious Kashmir boxes she brought back for me, and some of the exquisite saris and embroidery. I know from her photos that Kashmir is as beautiful as you describe. My daughter went to India as well during graduate school. And there is a charm on my grandmother’s charm bracelet from her travels, from India, of an Indian buffalo with baskets. I am the only female in my three generations of females, who has not been to India. I plan to remedy this, soon.

          1. You said that you had shared a post earlier comprising of your mother’s travel photos when she had been to Kashmir. I was talking about those pictures. It would be great to see them.
            Thanks for being so warm and kind.❤

  15. Thats quiet interesting to jear that your some of your family members have been here. I am sure they must have enjoyed it here, as the people here are quite warm and welcoming. I hope you also get a chance to visit my place.

  16. Hey everyone
    If anyone wants to see how a school surrounded by greenery and trees all around looks like, they can check my post. I have posted some pictures of my school.

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