Window Shots~

Meep-Meep Jr. is much shyer than Mama-Meep.

He likes playing me like Wile E.

Whenever I venture outside,

he vanishes, in a cloud of dust.

He forces me to shoot him through the double-paned, not too clean, windows.

Cheers to you from the very fast, quite shy, and oh-so-wiley, Meep-Meep-Junior~

202 thoughts on “Window Shots~

  1. And that is a road runner! Thank you, Cindy. Not only have you posted a bird I’ve always wanted to see (road runner cartoon lover, here), you have posted a remarkable photo. Well, you always post remarkable photos. 🙂

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  2. So that’s what a Road-runner looks like (from the cartoon character of our youth).

    Lovely shots, Cindy. Looks like he/she is very close to the windows which makes of some great photo opportunities.

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    • I love your son, and you!
      Of course, I rooted for Meep-Meep, over Wile E, because W.E. wished to kill Meep X 2. So the creature avoiding the killer, was a slam dump for me, and your son, and you, which is why you both rock.
      (I still confess to liking Wile E. I think he can be redeemed, with therapy and a different environment).

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  3. I used to enjoy watching Road runner show along with my son, I never knew he looks so cute, thanks for bringing him alive in front of me. 🙂 Your window shots are so very clear to me, liked all these beautiful captures.

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