Window Shots~

Meep-Meep Jr. is much shyer than Mama-Meep.

He likes playing me like Wile E.

Whenever I venture outside,

he vanishes, in a cloud of dust.

He forces me to shoot him through the double-paned, not too clean, windows.

Cheers to you from the very fast, quite shy, and oh-so-wiley, Meep-Meep-Junior~

202 thoughts on “Window Shots~

  1. Hello Cindy,
    What a handsome fellow! We don’t have road runners in Japan, so it’s a real treat to view them here 🙂 I loved the “meep meep” of the cartoon link <3
    Best wishes,

    1. I have a photo of him with mama. He is almost full grown. I would guess about 1/3 more growth max. He definitely is much more wary than his mama, who basically finds us very boring!

  2. Oh my goodness, Cindy. Catching any photo of the elusive roadrunner is incredible. All my years living in the desert, I barely caught a glimpse of one. You have phenomenal shots there even through a window. My son’s nickname as a child was roadrunner and that’s his ringtone on my phone. 🙂 Love roadrunners and Wylie Coyote. 🙂 Thanks for sending a smile.

    1. They certainly like to watch us when they think we aren’t looking, but when we are looking, watch out, they are gone before you can reach for your camera. I now know just how Wile E. felt!

  3. It looks like Mama has made a fine job of bringing up a robust roadrunner. And, meh, to cleaning windows. Plus the spottier they are the less likely birds and little critters will fly into them.

    1. Excellent point. I now will never wash the windows (not that I ever really did), because it is kinder to birdies if I don’t. I need you in my life Mandy. This is the best reason ever!!! 😉

  4. Happy to have seen your roadrunners – gracefully fast bird! Meep, Meep! Beautiful shots Cindy clean glass or not, would have never known – your images were perfectly clear.

  5. What unbelievably amazing shots! If I didn’t know you always take these incredible pictures, I would think you’re an alien! 😀

  6. Cindy, I would have never known you were shooting through a window. The clarity is wonderful. It was so fun to watch roadrunners when I lived in New Mexico. They’re such characters. Hugs on the wing… or the run.

  7. You have an wonderful way of capturing our winged friends. Lovely, Cindy. It brings the roadrunner into a new perspective for me. Thanks for making my day beautiful.

  8. Cindy, awesome pictures. We don’t have these birds here locally so it was so cool to view birds like these. I like you, have been forced to shoot through glass and I like you have window cleaning far and I mean far down my list of to-do’s. Some of these feathered friends just don’t like any of us to get too close. 😘

  9. Love these guys Cindy!! They look so bright and alert the way you captured them! And the details of those feathers!! Amazing. thanks for continuing to come up with such beautiful creatures… xo

  10. And that is a road runner! Thank you, Cindy. Not only have you posted a bird I’ve always wanted to see (road runner cartoon lover, here), you have posted a remarkable photo. Well, you always post remarkable photos. 🙂

  11. So that’s what a Road-runner looks like (from the cartoon character of our youth).

    Lovely shots, Cindy. Looks like he/she is very close to the windows which makes of some great photo opportunities.

        1. It sounds like paradise. I am heading your way, and further north, but on a tight schedule with no wiggle room, due to the impending birth of Dre’s twins. I look forward to being in your beautiful part of the world, but wish I could stop by and say hello <3

  12. OMG!!!! It’s real!?! I grew up with the Roadrunner but assumed it was just a myth. I wish my photos turned out as well as your dirty-window ones. 🙂

  13. I’ve always rooted for Road Runner to outrun Wile E. Coyote. His speed is most impressive. 😀

    My older son had to do a project on desert animals, and he’s been obsessed with road runners ever since!

    1. I love your son, and you!
      Of course, I rooted for Meep-Meep, over Wile E, because W.E. wished to kill Meep X 2. So the creature avoiding the killer, was a slam dump for me, and your son, and you, which is why you both rock.
      (I still confess to liking Wile E. I think he can be redeemed, with therapy and a different environment).

  14. I used to enjoy watching Road runner show along with my son, I never knew he looks so cute, thanks for bringing him alive in front of me. 🙂 Your window shots are so very clear to me, liked all these beautiful captures.

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