Food Tastes Better in Europe~

Guess who ate one of these cake slices? I did and it was divine. You can trust France to make killer-good-desserts.

We are heading off now to explore new parts of Europe and are looking forward to the food.

This cheese is well, French. It is raw milk, hand-made, and it is to die for. Yep, we ate slices of this too! What the heck, it’s France!

France has an amazing selection of gorgeous fresh mushrooms, all sold in open-air markets.

Venice on the other hand is justifiably world-famous for its outdoor, fresh fish markets.

Venice also has incredible produce, small farm grown and picked when ripe,

along with every imaginable, Italian seasoning and condiment, all sold in charming open air markets.

Greece is chock-full of mom and pop produce stands selling delicious small farm produce.

Most German towns have weekly outdoor markets.

Spain’s open-air markets are extensive,

and Portugal’s produce is just picked fresh.

Hungary’s desserts are old-world delicious and will definitely make you hungry.
I wish I could beam you over here with me to go grocery shopping, tasting and eating!
Cheers to you from Europe’s outdoor markets~

283 thoughts on “Food Tastes Better in Europe~

    • What a great name! We were there when it was cold . I think we may have seen it. We spent a lot of time underground, in the markets and restaurants near the hauptbahnhof, and I was blown away by the underground city!

  1. Our style of “super market” emphasizes predictability, but also uniformity… Any Krogers/Safeway/WalMart in the USA will have exactly the same products on the shelves, but a relatively limited variety. Our experience, confirmed by your photos, is that European markets (not to say that our model has not invaded the larger cities) carry regional varieties, in season. But, when you cook with something harvested nearby and just a short while ago, the flavor is much more delicious. Furthermore, what wonderful discoveries to have select something that you may not find next week. Memories are made from novelty. – Oscar

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  3. Oh gosh Cindy, you had me on Food and Europe! This is probably my favorite of all your posts– such a wide sampling of bright and beautiful foods! Is this a collection of photos from past travels?? Are you in Europe now?? Loved it! xox

  4. Wonderful post. I love the food in Europe. Fresh and unprocessed …. the taste is amazing. Someone was raving about a recipe recently that included Lipton dry soup mix. Yuk! That’s what many Americans consider good food. Sad.

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