Raro’s Adogables~

Rarotonga is the island of happy dogs. No matter what you do, a dog will come with you.

They wait at your door for you to come out.


If you swim, they will come along!

They swim to distant reefs with our son everyday.


Heck yes!

They are master fisherdogs and,

they bring their catch to you!

Hiking? Their paw prints mark your path.

Cheers to you from Rarotonga’s incredible adogables~

239 thoughts on “Raro’s Adogables~

  1. Cindy, I would love to think of our dogs we have lost ending up somewhere like this – particularly our Labrador Chelsea – she would have loved it!
    Thank you so much for these gorgeous images!!
    Your son is so handsome – what an experience for him…

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  2. This was a very interesting post. So many of yours have me doing a bit of research to see exactly where you are in proximity to everywhere else. I couldn’t even imagine a trip like that so this has been especially fun. Do the dogs belong to anyone and cared for? They seem happy enough so I assume so. What a delight that must have been for all of you. Thanks for sharing this.

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  3. Like cats and dogs in Italy and Greece… traveling to both countries I have been told there is a different attitude towards animals in those cultures… but they all seemed well and well-fed… I really can’t judge.

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    • I saw so many feral starving cats and dogs in Greece, both in Athens and on some islands. They poisoned the feral dogs before the olympics, which I saw.. It was really sad…….Rome has that amazing cat sanctuary in the middle of ancient Roman ruins. I did a post on it.


  4. Awe…makes me think of the last pooch I loved –
    but I’m pet-less now. 🙂
    Seems spring is finally here. Some of the flowering trees are already loosing their petals.

    Hugs, Jules.

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  5. Gasp! OK, sold….book that place Mr B! How utterly awesome to holiday with doggies 7/24. OK, maybe they can’t come to bed with you but hey, 7/18 would be a dream. I can’t tell you how much that doggie at the door looks like my old dog Jasper! Oh my gosh, I really miss him. Who feeds them and cares for them? Are they strays? Do they have homes or does everyone just love them endlessly? x K

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    • Some have homes of their own. There is an active SPCA in Raro. Many of these days were spayed, given medical treatment and roam around, being cared for by tourists, islanders, and the island itself.


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