Raro Dreams~

Woo Hoo!

I made a friend in Rarotonga named Emma from the island of Atiu, and she helped me find a hotspot that worked, albeit, it was quite a challenge.

Thank you Emma & Kia Orana!

Raro has amazing pristine beaches,

coral reefs,

and empty, jungle-covered volcanic mountains to explore.

Our son is exploring with us, and tomorrow we head to the more remote island of Aitutaki.

Cheers to you from the unspoiled & ethereal Cook Islands~

197 thoughts on “Raro Dreams~

  1. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon amie CINDY

    Je viens te faire le cadeau des plus précieux

    Celui du temps

    De rêver à de nouvelles idées

    De réfléchir aux anciennes

    Peu importe le temps que nous passons ensemble sur nos blogs

    Tu découvriras toujours de nouvelles dimensions

    Au travers du miroir et de ce lien celui de notre l’amitié

    L’amitié c’est aimer pour ce qu’elle est moi je le pense

    Non pour ce qu’elle fait

    En se sentant aimé

    On est capable de grandes choses, de s’accrocher , de réussir

    Belle journée ou soirée et belle semaine

    Bisous Bernard


  2. Hope the Cook Islands hold all kinds of fun, beauty and a few pleasant surprises for you, your hubby, son and your family (🌠 “Cindy’s Entourage!” 🌠)
    Lots of love sent to you and yours! 💞


  3. I Googled the Cook Islands. They look magnificent. There are 15 islands with Rarotonga being the largest. I wonder how long it would take by plane from New York. The site said 6 hours. It has to take much longer to reach the South Pacific. I need to do more research.


  4. What a heavenly paradise! The beaches are stunning. How I wish I could lay on the shoreline of one of those immaculate beaches. Thank you for sharing and taking me on yet another incredible journey with you, Cindy. 💙


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