Dolphin Gulls~

Dolphin Gulls are sub-antarctic birds, living in the coastal regions of the southern ocean, and like most gulls can usually be found around boats and people, searching for hand-outs.

They are native to southern Patagonia, specifically Chile, Argentina and The Falkland Islands. Vagrants will visit the Sandwich and South Georgia Islands. They are quite beautiful snow-white birds and are smaller than most gull species, with much shorter, less lethal beaks.

This happy gull likes the freshly fallen rain water,

and drinks all he can the conventional way,

before turning his head almost completely upside down to guzzle more down!

Cheers to you from the Dolphin Gulls of the southern latitudes~

232 thoughts on “Dolphin Gulls~

  1. I managed to watch it on youtube (where the link sent me), Very nice. The dolphin gull’s bright orange feet and bill remind me of the oyster catcher who has a similar colour. I’ve never seen these gulls but that’s probably because of where they live. Nice post, Cindy.

      1. πŸ™‚ Your on my list to interview about photography and travel. I’ll let you nix any questions you want. I don’t do lengthy unless necessary. Would you like to pick your favorite place and photo’s or would you like me to pick the travel and photos. Mine would be a Castle. Your so talented, looks like you’ve had plenty of practice. We could skip the interview style and you talk about the trip, highlights and why you picked the photos you did. I’m open, just want to capture more time with you.
        :). M

          1. I know it’s a recent Castle, let me look, I made need you help. Then I’ll ask a few questions.
            Not apart of the interview, you’ve made a life of traveling, such a beautiful way to expand the mind. I’m living traveling thru you. Talk soon. πŸ™‚ M

    1. WOW! Awesome. They are not supposed to be in coastal Maine, but birds tend not to listen to scientist’s bird distribution data. Once a bald eagle got blown by a storm to the UK and they flew him back commercial, and I saw a booby in Channel Islands NP in California. It must be cool to be a bird. If you don’t like who you’re hanging with, you can just catch a wind draft to who knows where!

  2. You do get to see so many wonderful places. These wonderful birds are beautiful. You capture them so well. As always, I thank you for sharing them with those of us who cannot travel and live through you vicariously. πŸ™‚

      1. I was up on the north coast of Oregon a couple of months ago and a child offered a bite of her sandwich. I swear the gull population went for 1-50 in seconds, Cindy. πŸ™‚ –Curt

        1. Yes, they are good survivors! I remember when I was little boys threw rocks on a large flock of resting gulls, they took off and bombed the boys amazingly, whilst I remained unscathed. I knew how smart they were since that day!

  3. What a pleasant treat to see the dolphin gull, Cindy. They are so distinctive and beautiful, with a shade of red/orange that we don’t see a lot in nature. Thank you, and cheers to you in the southern latitudes.

  4. Isn’t it strange how different species a world apart can be so similar, but with amusing differences. I’m so used to seeing our Herring gulls with their bright yellow beaks and feet – your chap with the red looks like he’s borrowed someone’s lipstick!

  5. Gulls have always been one of my favourite birds for some reason. They are noisy, nosey and nosh on anything they can get their little beaks on! But this all gives them their personality. I love heading down to the water and watching them in their glory. We even have some that battle the crows in our park across the street for any crumb they can find.

    I love the orange beak against the white and dark of these beauties. Thanks again for sharing your gorgeous photos!

    1. I grew up with them and love them too. So many people hate them. I think some people get jealous of highly intelligent and successful wild animals. I have two short gull stories for you, both have witnesses if you don’t believe them!
      When my son was three we went to the beach for an Easter picnic. He was given a wind up furry, easter duckling. A seagull flew down and snatched it from the sand and flew away.
      Matt said, “Don’t worry. He will bring it back.”
      We tried to tell him that this wouldn’t happen, to no avail. Hours later as we were packing up to leave, the seagull swooped down, and dropped the duckling on the sand. It’s motorized inside had been pecked away, but the fuzzy duck was still intact.”
      Matt ran and picked it up and said, “See! I told you he’d bring it back.”
      2nd story. A fancy hotel where I grew has outdoor tables near the beach. Seagulls routinely swoop down and steal silver napkin rings from the tables. They have lost scores of them and hire a falconist to regularly visit to scare the gulls away. This hotel has a bell tower which no one goes to. It was recently renovated. During the repairs, workmen entered the belltower and found decades worth of silver napkin rings in a pile.
      I have more stories about gulls. They seek revenge on mean humans, and are nice to nice ones.These are very smart animals.

      1. I have one for you as well. You know the old adage about having a seagull poop on you is good luck? Well, I had one drop a dead fish on my head – honest! And he politely waited until I gained my composure before it swiftly came in and picked it up again. I could have sworn I saw “sorry” in those eyes! lol!

        1. Oh, perfect. Maybe it was a gift, like an socially awkward person might give. They try, but they don’t speak human, God love ’em for this, and you too <3

  6. Beautifully captured!! How do you manage to do it!!
    The legs of gull are so beautiful!!
    Thanks for sharing! I liked how you did the observation of bird drinking water with its head turned upside down!!

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