Blogging at the Holler’s for the Birds!

I was sitting at my desk, just getting ready to post on birds of the far southern hemisphere, when I looked up and there walked Big-Bob! (All new critters at The Holler get names.) So instead of birds from the far south, you’re gonna get critter action from the Holler’s wild-west.

Of course Big-Bob, a great egret, doesn’t belong here. He belongs at the lake, but this is one of the many things I love about birds, they don’t follow human directions, and they pay no attention to where ornithologists say they should be.

Anyhoo, I grabbed my camera and followed Big-Bob. He was on a mission and unfortunately lizards were on the menu. Meet Fred.

Fred knows us. He is a very large, very old alligator lizard, but he got much smaller when Meep-Meep, the roadrunner, relieved him of his tail, which he is diligently trying to grow back, and resting a lot accordingly. He is also molting which makes everything worse, poor Fred.

Fred is now understandably wary of all large birds. He took one look at Big-Bob and bolted to safety. It was a good day for Fred and Big-Bob, but a not a good day at all for poor Little Lizzy!

You may see Flash the hummer in this photo flying close to observe the predator-prey interaction. Flash lives with us year round and some of you may remember Flash. I have lots of talks with him about staying away from large predator birds like Meep-meep and Big-Bob who like to eat hummers, but as I mentioned before, birds don’t listen to humans, so you can see Flash buzzing Big-Bob like nobody’s business.

So, instead of cheers to you from the birds of the far south,

it’s cheers to you from the hungry Holler’s wild-west-critters~

245 thoughts on “Blogging at the Holler’s for the Birds!

  1. Growing up we lived on a hill above a huge forest that was, thankfully, marked as indigenous land (until it recently half of it went for a hefty price and turned into more housing in an already saturated area). There were all sorts of birds and small creatures living in there. My Mom kept saying that there was a blue heron which would fly over our house and down into the forest. Everyone told her she was crazy because they don’t come up this far north. But for a few years, there was actually a family of them that would spend the warmer months gracing our little part of the world. So, yes, they do not listen to what silly humans think should be the norm! I love all your creatures, but poor little Lizzie. 😦


    • Oh how wonderful! What a excellent environment for a child to grow up in. It sounds so much like The Holler. We live next to a nature reserve and are surrounded by open space. It is a wonderful way to live and I could never go back to an urban life. I love that your mom was right about the herons and that groups of them came to stay. Smart mom and smart birds!

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  2. Nature can seem cruel to us humans, but how else are critters gonna eat unless they catch their dinner? Great photo story, Cindy! I love the hummer — brave little spirit!


    • I love to watch them walk on land in slo-mo, lifting their feet up so high as if they walking through a foot of water. We live amidst citrus groves too. Maybe they like them!


  3. That is awesome to have Mr. Big-Bob walked right in front of your door. Poor Mr. Fred. I hope he has his new tail grow back fully.

    Very nice pictures of these animal friends.


  4. I’m convinced that birds are major league gossips, and word gets around about good places to hang out. How long does it take for word to get around a feeder’s been refilled? Big Bob must have listened in on the grapevine.


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  6. Big Bob is quite a character! So is Flash! So you are “home in the Holler.” How far did your great southern expedition get this time? Did you make it to Antarctica? I know you have many more wonderful sights to show us; in our minds some of us are still in Patagonia! Thanks for the shared adventures!


    • Isn’t it the most wonderful thing to travel in your imagination! I do it all the time. It is excellent for your mental health and blood pressure. We didn’t cross the Drake Passage this time. The weather was not cooperative. Still it is always in my mind to go back to Antarctica. Our first time was so amazing though, I almost hate to ruin the perfect memories.

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  7. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Cindy Knoke is back a the Holler catching up with the residents. There is danger afoot for short tailed lizards and their friends as Big-Bob hunts for breakfast and their only protection is a tiny hummingbird called flash who is brave enough to take on the gigantic predator… this would make a great movie.. Big-Bob and the Hummer. Fabulous photos as always from Cindy. Please head over and dive into her archives… take supplies you will be there for a while.


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  9. Oh, poor Lizzy.
    Fred reminds me of the many squiggly tails loking for their owners when I was a young kid in tropical Philippines. Young me was quite amused that the tails could move on their own. This adult me, however, is glad that Fred can grow back a new tail. 😁


    • I am singing it now…… Love you Aretha!
      But just switched to Cocker:
      “Unchain my my heart, food chain, let me be,
      Unchain my heart, baby let me be
      Cause you don’t care, help me, set me free….”
      I can feel LIttle Lizzy singing along.
      Do you think they’ll check us in to the same ward??????
      I hope so.
      We will have so much fun!
      And we will pep the place up to no end!

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  10. It’s amazingly well shot pics!! Loved the deep clarity! You take really nice pics!! And the story you spun around these was 👍!! Sad about lizzie though! Food chain!!


    • Thank you Sally! The spring migration is officially on at The Holler. The hummers are here in large numbers now and both The Orchard and Hooded Orioles have arrived. This is the best time of year here!!


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  12. Big Bob is a beautiful egret. Our last house was on a lake and we had a family of egrets in residence. It was fascinating to watch the stealth with which they captured their dinner.


  13. Great storyline Cindy. How tall is Big Bob? Oh, and I love this bit: “He belongs at the lake, but this is one of the many things I love about birds, they don’t follow human directions, and they pay no attention to where ornithologists say they should be.” We can learn a great deal from the animal kingdom.


  14. Great and interesting pictures but the question is……. where do you find these freaking birds?
    You travel alot, and the other question, can I go with you in one of your travels? I promise I won’t compromise things, I just sit dow with a bear and a cigarette and take selfies with them.
    love ya, had been time since I didn’t saw nature through your blog


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