Dog & Tern v Southern Sea Lion~

Poor bull sea-lion can’t catch a break!

First the Inca Tern attacks.

Then the sleeping dog rouses,

and goes on the attack too!

The dog wins!

But the big bull was not happy about it!

Cheers to you from Chile’s bullied bulls~

168 thoughts on “Dog & Tern v Southern Sea Lion~

    • It is such a beautiful part of the world. Chile is unpleasant to get to from where I live, but this is my third time being here. Love to you ᶘᵒᴥᵒᶅ

    • Loved it so much. The sea-lion really was somewhat clueless about what to do with this land lubbing dog, even though they clearly had met before. This is a fishing port and that is why the sea-lions were there, to eat the refuse. The dog though, had a clear mission, to keep all sea lions off his land lubbing turf. It was pretty hilarious, and I do confess to praising said dog, when he looked at me so chuffed from his ability to repel this 800 pound mammalian carnivore. I could tell he appreciated the praise. Priceless.

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