My Comments on Your Posts May Be in Your Spam Filter!

I was trying to comment on a blogging friend’s post today who is having a serious problem with his son, and I noticed my comments were disappearing. This reminded me of other bloggers who told me they found my comments in their spam filters in the last few weeks. So I contacted WordPress and was informed that yes, some of my comments on people’s blog posts were going to spam and they see this shouldn’t be happening, but there is nothing they can do about it. So, some of my comments may be in your spam filter because I like to read and comment on your blogs, apparently too much. If you want to read my comments to you, you must go to your spam filter and remove me from spam.
Neat huh?
Here is what WordPress said to me:

“Thank you for your patience. I can see there the comments are in the spam filter. I cannot make any changes to these comments, only the site owner can. When comments are detected by our spam filter they are flagged and require approval from the site owner. This can happen for many reasons including making several comments within just a few minutes of time.
If you are having trouble submitting a comment on a site the best way to resolve it is to contact the site owner rather than make several more comments on the site. The site owner can approve your comment. Further comments when you are being blocked can’t resolve the issue.”
And then,
“I may have a solution for you to help resolve this, without the site owner.
Can you let Akismet support to prevent your comments from being flagged as spam? You will see the option in the second bullet here:
I hope that they can make your account as good. Your comments certainly do not seem suspicious, but we know they are hitting the spam filter anyways.”

I have contacted Askimet, but this may not work, so please un-spam me if you want to read my comments on your posts.
Oh spam I am,
I do not like the spam I am!
I do not like them, Sam-I-Am.
I do not like green eggs and spam.

Would you like them here or there?

I would not like them here or there.
I would not like them anywhere.
I do not like green eggs and spam.
I do not like this Spamalot!

So, it’s cheers to you from spam I am~

Good News Update: Rachel M, a fellow blogger, and WordPress/Askimet engineer has fixed my spam problem. Thank you Rachel and WordPress/Askimet! To see Rachel’s blog click on:

266 thoughts on “My Comments on Your Posts May Be in Your Spam Filter!

  1. I’ve made it a habit now to check my spam folder every few days – I was one who lost a lot of comments to the ether (otherwise called the spam folder) for no good reason!

      1. Yes, me too. I was shocked when it just disappeared, and I ended up at the top of the post, not at the point where I commented. And there must have been some I missed …

      1. Okay I just checked my Photography Blog folders and you didn’t get trapped in Limbo. I did find some weird comments in other languages without Gravatars. Those looked suspicious I permanently deleted them.

  2. Oh, Cindy, I just deleted my spam of 61 without reading it through because I am sick–and the next email is from you, saying you are in my spam.I wondered why I can never find you to reply when you send me a comment on a post unless I come to your site. I’ll pay more attention now. Thanks.


  3. Unbelievable! First they can’t stop the spammers from taking over and now they’re throwing fellow bloggers into spam because you’re commenting on others blogs??? I don’t know what the “happiness engineers” are doing, but they’re not making anyone happy. So sorry this is happening to you! <3

    1. I guess I commented too much! Laughing…..I got off the boat and I was so happy to be back in contact and I started making lots of comments whilst catching up on blog posts. This was my sin. Forgive me Askimet for I have sinned not……. <3

  4. Everything – evolutionary speaking – gets improved until it hits extinction. Good things are constantly getting “fixed”. Glad it’s getting sorted out though – and welcome home!

  5. I didn’t find any from you there, Cindy, BUT, I did find SEVERAL others that shouldn’t have been there. Thanks for the heads up – I’ll have to be more diligent! *Adds check wordpress spam folder to really long to-do list!* 😀

  6. Hi Cindy, sorry to hear you are having problems with the comments you give. It takes time to leave a thoughtful comment that hopefully will add value to a post, so it is annoying when they are not shown for one reason or another. I am my own spam filter and read every comment before pressing the publish button, rather than leave it for some automatic spam filter to decide the merit of a reader’s comments.

    1. That is smart of you. I do appreciate WP removing spam and I get lots of it, but now I need to be alert that buried in the spam may be legitimate blogger’s comments and that is distressing, especially since wordpress can’t do anything about it. Hopefully Askimet will, but I will have to wait and see.

  7. Hi Cindy, I cannot follow you on your site, I do get your email posts but can’t reply via the email, I have to go to Word Press and reply there, sounds like your problem may be coming from your settings. Also go into your Word Press site and check the settings on who you follow, good luck, I am still following you, even if I can’t follow you, if you can understand that.

    1. Oh dear! This sounds like another problem. I get notification of comments via email, but respond via wordpress. If you can’t follow me, I need to notify wordpress. I am going to your site now and will check what I can. Thank you for telling me.

      1. If you get an answer let me know Cindy, because that is exactly my problem, I can’t respond by email notifications and when I enter my email address it always comes up as unsuccessful.

  8. Sorry to hear about this Cindy. I seldom receive lovely comments that go to my spam folder. Most of the time, spam comments are just that…spam and I just delete them.

  9. hi dear cindy, how could that happen to you especially… haven’t been around to much but I want you to know that I think of you… promise.. I am going to put your link on my blog to follow you at sherrisofpalmsprings.. hugs dear friend

  10. I always check my spam folder now every few days Cindy but take heart in the fact as you are not alone and often in some very illustrious company in my spam folder… Love your take on it and the fact you can laugh about it!

  11. Cindy,

    Sorry about any spam flagging. A Staph superbug infection, among other things, prevents my hands from keyboarding so that exploring Word Press’s confusing structure & rules is something I usually don’t have time to do. But I will see what I can do. Thanks for the email notification & all your participation.

    John Stiga

  12. Thanks for the heads up Cindy. I checked my spam folder and didn’t see any of your comments. Now I must go because I have so many offers for cheap cheap auto insurance to follow up on!

  13. I checked spam, but none of the comments were yours, just the usual Russian hackers and Asian porn (sorry, it’s true!). So feel free to come on over and comment anytime. 🙂

      1. Interesting, I never got them and wondered if I was ‘off the list,’ lol! I had the experience yesterday on another site of making a comment and it disappearing mysteriously, even when I rechecked later. The internet is beyond me, I’m afraid. Like a car, I can drive, but don’t ask me to fix it! 😉

  14. I’ve been having the same problem with some people trying to comment on my blogs – old followers, some of them, and I have to unspam them every single time, and some saying they aren’t even receiving my notifications any more.

    1. Thank you Margaret. There were so many of them too, because once I got off the boat I was so eager to read and comment on blogs. Makes me sad people didn’t get them~

  15. How incredibly frustrating and what an unsatisfying answer from WordPress. The one time I reached out for help on WordPress I had a similar experience. They gave me a half answer, and then a non-answer. Atrocious. I checked my spam filter but no comments from you.

  16. Well, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I am a bot. I was really hoping no one would notice.
    And they didn’t completely get rid of me because I can add. You know that, “Prove you are not a bot, add 12+4, response query?”
    I was always wondering, can a bot not add?
    I passed in flying colors.
    What is the virtual world coming too?

  17. Clowie

    I hope your problem is resoved soon.

    I usually check the spam fairly regularly as akismet does sometimes put friends in there. But sometimes there are too many pages of spam to skim through!

  18. I will check and make sure that likes of you dear Cindy have not been reduced to mere spam at my site! After reading the feedback you got from WordPress it made me think of a silly video game video, one of the best ever made, about World of Warcraft called Crossing Over. In a segment of it, the player in the game meets a Game master Edmund. He basically gives a typical speel of unhelpful nonsense and disappears before the player can even ask a question: – if your curious.

    1. Oh my God! Game Master Edmund clearly works for WP! Cracking up….. Seriously, I do feel just like that mystified character lost in an inexplicable virtual word full of double speak. WofW is so incredible. Such amazing artistry and visuals! Thank you for the clip.

  19. Goodness. I went straight to my spam folder where there was a lot of weird stuff. It has to be frustrating to end up in spam. Occasionally I SEND something to spam accidentally and have to go rescue it, but stuff WordPress deems doubtful, but not certain spam usually appears in my comments with a yellow background. I hope you resolve it soon.

  20. With the number of comments you get, I’m surprised you can keep track. I check my spam folder almost daily as posts often go astray in there but rarely comments. You are still where you should be in my life. 🙂

  21. Good morning, Cindy,
    That’s a typical WordPress solution: “We can’t help you.” Translated, it means, “We don’t WANT to help you.” They send you to Akismet, but that’s no solution. The simplest way would be for them or Akismet, rather, to install a White List, one onto which you can put everyone you consider not a spammer. But they simply don’t want to bother. The fact is, even if you “unspam” a comment, the following ones from the same address are again marked as spam.
    I know this probloem, and therefore I frequently check my spam folders, but still I think it’s lack of willingness to help their customers on the side of WordPress – even if, like me for me mainblog – pay a lot of money for it.
    Have a great Sunday,

      1. Yes, that is a good point. That is what makes this “Like” thing so frustrating. Luckily, I don’t have hundreds in my spam filter but then again, I don’t get too many comments which is probably a good thing as on any given day, there are 200 plus blogs that need my attention. It’s hard to “Like” them all….

  22. Thanks for the tip…. ugh, one more thing I have to check! I found the spam bucket and there was indeed a “real” comment in there I would have missed otherwise. I just wish there was another word for SPAM as, although I don’t eat it now, I was raised on it and looked forward to the SPAM meals… so it has spoiled the word for me!

  23. I am sorry this has happened to you too, Cindy. Many of us have experienced this problem, and most people I am able to contact to release my commnet, but not all. I check my SPAM folder frequently. Occasionally I find legitimate bloggers in there. You have not shown up in there, yet.

  24. How sad that people are writing to you or vice versa and comments are disappearing. always enjoy your super photography. Can’t seem to write categories on my photos – will have to pursue this. Keeping a look out for yours

  25. You’re missing a can of SPAM, the meat product you can find at the supermarket. The reason Sam-I-Am doesn’t like SPAM is because he hasn’t tried it; plus, it’s the staff of life in Hawaii. I’ve eaten it – very tasty when fried and perfect when making your own fried rice. If Sam’s SPAM is green, it must be well-past it’s expiration date of forever. 🙂

    I have Askimet set for strict handling, but of course I moderate all comments and haven’t had a misdirect on comments. I can say with high confidence that none of your comments have found their way into the spam folder. [I hope I haven’t jinxed it now.]

    1. I used to eat fried spam as a kid and enjoyed it, until I read the list of ingredients. Laughing……Sounds like you are on top of your spam filter which I now will be too.

  26. Yes that is where I found them . I rescued yours but lost another after clicking approve . it is almost as annoying as the red undo button when I have accidentally sent a comment to spam. 🙂

  27. This is really sad… What algorithm they work on… Don’t even understand how much it takes to appreciate a fellow bloggers work and all the more hard work to write a comment

  28. I used to end up in spam constantly for no reason at all with bloggers that I’ve had relationships for years. It was maddening. I went through Askimet and it seems to be much less now. Good luck to you, Cindy. And wise advice to check spam at least once a week. 🙂

  29. Dear Cindy,
    please follow the link from Akismet or/and search for the key word “Spam”. Then write the following message: „All of my comments are being marked as spam“. Then click on the option: „I think Akismet is catching my comments by mistake “. Then fill out the form below and finally submit. It is not a WordPress error. Wait a couple of days and then it should be okay.
    All the best

      1. You´re welcome. It will just take a couple of days. It is not a WordPress Problem. Only Akismet can solve the situation and will send you an E-Mail.

  30. I think I found you in my Spam folder once, Cindy. I thought it might have been because you used a different account than usual. Oh, well, hope everything works out!

  31. GARY

    Cindy, So sorry you are having all these issues in your comments getting into spam. I will try to figure out how to find any of your comments to my blogs that may have ended up there and try to move them. I don’t have the best grasp of navigating around wordpress and currently most of my posts are being done directly on my cell these days because the place where I am doesn’t have WiFi and I must resort to limited hot spot time when needing to use my computer in lieu of my cell. Gary

  32. I don’t think I’m having any problems with your comments, Cindy. But another friend had your same problem last week. I’d still wonder if it isn’t a WordPress problem. Normally, I like WP’s ability to find and eliminate spam, however. –Curt

    1. One of the reasons I stay with WP is for the spam filter, but it seems pretty easy to see how they identify spam so it also must be pretty easy to get around it if you are a spammer. Still they filter tons of spam for me for which I am grateful.

  33. I have seen “Spamalot” the musical and it is humorous!
    When I comment on a couple of my friend’s blogs it automatically tells me I am awaiting their approval. These are people I follow and I (think?) they follow me.
    I’ll check but you shouldn’t be there since we stay in touch and I haven’t had you there before.
    How aggravating, though! Off to check my spam. ❤❤🤗

  34. Sorry, you’re having technical issues, Cindy. Sometimes dealing with the tech gurus is almost as frustrating as the issue your having. Their answer isn’t very helpful. I periodically check my spam folders and if I see anything from you, you will be unspammed.

  35. Life in the virtual world can be strange, not just a video game! But a blogging friend, Rachel M, who works for askimet fixed it, so all is well. Cheers to you Maiko!

  36. Sorry to hear Cindy. Askimet usually corrects the problem. I too have been found in spam and I’ve found a few in spam lately. It’s good practice for all of us to check spam when checking comments. I think it’s an epidemic, lol. 🙂

  37. I have encountered this with other bloggers’ comments on my posts. Good thing I sometimes get curious about the spam folder.

    By the way, Spam I Am is quite cute. He’ll be tasty with eggs for sure. 😊

  38. There seems to have been a huge amount of that going around, Cindy. Another thing that I’ve found is that a comment can show up in my Spam folder several days after it was made… (eye roll). Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! Hugs.

  39. This is crazy Cindy! When I have a WordPress problem, I just throw up my hands. It seems reallu difficult to ask a specific question of a real person. So I applaud you on seeing it through! Hope it runs smooth ahead! (because we do love hearing from you!) xo

  40. Letting some form of artificial intelligence sort messages sounds as dangerous as a hand grenade. You just don’t know when someone will wander past android pull them pin! Artificial intelligence…, is that somehow related to fake news, Cuz ??? 😉

  41. elmediat

    So now we have a new concept – Fake Spam. Goes with the rest of the double talk “hey-look-over-there” fluster-bucketting communication. I check my spam folder for those occasional misplaced message & to see if the spam offers any Dadaist poetic material to play with. 😀

    1. Elmediat the Spam for some writers, certainly for those writing about religious subjects, is so serious, the amount of spam which enters our mail box is too big to examine for non-spam or fake spam. With WordPress we can more easily detect spam because than there is no photograph or emblem of the writer, so there we only have to look at the mails with a proper logo, but in the ordinary e-mail box we cannot see such logo’s.

      What I find strange is that by order of the powers that be there is not more done to get rid of those malicious organisations and crooks.

  42. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Finally some time to go browsing and whilst you might usually expect some sensational photographs from Cindy Knoke.. this post has a slight different theme.. Spam in all its glory.. and topical as quite a few people lately have been commenting that their comments are going to Spam.. in fact I find on a daily basis that I am releasing regular commenters from Spam Jail. Well worth a read and there is little you can go about it if you somehow have a word or two in your comment that fails the algorithm test. #recommended

  43. I am also spam!!!! I think WP needs to sort it’s filters. I appreciate that the real spam gets discarded but I would like my fellow bloggers to know that I really liked their blog. Yours are all fab. Loved the stupid dog competing with the sea lion…

  44. I have seen several postings by a lot of bloggers this last few days. A big problem is when someone has a site or more than one site where there is a lot of spamming coming in. Some of my sites get three pages of Spam. To be honest, a year and more ago I checked that spam box first, but because also having my ordinary e-mail box also getting lots of spam and receiving several hundreds of e-mail a day I do not check the spam boxes any more but delete them, after having had a very very quick look. I do know some post may be lost or not reaching me, but those useless spammers have won on that part that they managed not even to receive a glimpse of me. (Normally I would have thought they would have like to catch an eye but because of the am punt of spammers they are missing the change to advertise for themselves or to bring people to their /mostly sex-/ site.)

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