El Fin del Mundo~

We keep going back to ‘The End of the World.’

This poppy was as big as a salad plate!

This was our third visit, but this time we were joined by our adult children for the holidays, which made it the best ever.

Ushuaia Argentina is the southern-most city in the world,

and can be accessed via the stunning Beagle Channel and Tierra del Fuego.

The city is surrounded by the towering glacier-rich Andes cordillera (spine), which was shrouded with clouds on this visit.

This part of the world is a wildlife and birders paradise and I will post some critters next.

Not too many people come here, but those who do are rewarded with vast tracks of open spaces and pristine nature everywhere.

Cheers to you from The End of the World~

260 thoughts on “El Fin del Mundo~

  1. Hey Cindy, Namaste 🙂

    Travelling the world from the comfort of my armchair hardly seems appropriate but whilst you continue to enthral with images and views of so many destinations, I shall continue travelling with you sat here 🙂

    I’m actually very taken with the minimalist simplicity of Ushuaia. It feels a place untouched by excess and untainted by the machinations of humankind. I imagine it a close community. The wilderness that surrounds it is spectacular: pristine is a great word – I will look forward to images of the local wildlife as and when you post 🙂 Great stuff, thanks.

    I was taken with the poppy….the red of her is such an allure.

    Lady Poppy is magnificent, she always catches my eye.
    “Lay down your weary head my Love,” she whispers with a sigh.
    “Come dream the dream of Kings and Queens in my Opiate lullaby.”
    “Morpheus waits At The End Of The World: – are you ready to fly high?”

    Hoping all is well Cindy and life is a peach on a beach or a stroll on an atoll or a circumnavigation of sun-drenched decking 🙂

    Namaste 🙂


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    • My great grandfather was a poppy plantation owner in Bulgaria. I don’t actually know if that made him an opium supplier or just a flower lover. I suppose he could have been both. He reportedly was a staunch sort and his son became a judge in the US who rarely drank wine, and never grew poppies, only cacti and roses. I have inherited a love of poppies, but thankfully not of opium.
      I am so pleased you travel with me, my friend. You make the experience richer~


      • Lady Poppy inspires dreams in all manner of ways and was no doubt just waiting for a reader to ask after her 🙂 That is a fascinating little story and you told it so well – there’s also a poem just itching to start about a judge in the US who rarely drank wine, and never grew poppies, only cacti and roses – I couldn’t of come up with that as a character profile in a million years. 🙂

        I love the idea of Cacti and Roses growing side by side: such a beautiful balance (and another poem!) My grandfather also grew cacti having been a rose enthusiast and if memory serves secreted away a Maple Bonsai: but I have just the faintest recall as if I am remembering nothing more than one glimpse.

        Tis a pleasure to travel with you Cindy. I enjoy all you blog.

        Namaste 🙂



          • Well now Cindy, that is a beautiful sentiment to wake up to on a Sunday morning 🙂
            Might we have met once before in a poem?
            In a forest bathed in Moonlight.
            Might I have been led by your ethereal Vixen
            As you danced me to the end of night?
            Might I recall the gifts you gave to me,
            When in the chamber of your bower:
            Might Chivalry, Kingship and Noble Love,
            Have been the order of the hour?
            Might we have shared one moment so fine,
            One moment to last in my heart for all time.
            Might we always be together in the poetic wishing well,
            Waltzing through the wilds as one bound within Love’s spell.
            From London Foxes onwards we’ve shared one Loving heart,
            You are the travelling Hummingbird with a fiery Appalachian hearth
            I am the tramping stowaway who walks with you stride for stride.
            The Minstrel whose melancholy leaves him when journeying by your side.
            Thank you for being Empyrean’s luminary daughter 😉

            Love you Cindy. Have a wonderful weekend.

            Namaste ❤



  2. When I went to Wisconsin with hubby… that seemed like another world – right on the edge of Lake Michigan. How wonderful to have your whole family travel with you!

    Send some warmth this way… while we have had a spring-like day or two, our winter has been bone chilling!

    Hugs, and thanks… Jules


    • A bit of both, but this is the longest I had been on a boat at one time, a total of 30 days. I live in the land of perpetual sunshine in Southern California, so traveling to the colder latitudes is fine for me, but if you live where it is colder, as you do, it makes sense to travel to the sun!

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  3. All the photos are gorgeous, but the second from the end is a masterpiece. Thank you for taking us to a place I haven’t seen in real life. I almost feel like I’ve been there now 🙂 Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Argentina is the tip of South America! I like the idea of it being the “end of the world,” Cindy.
    Hope this 2018 holds many more family trips, wonders and delights. 🎉 💗 💐


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