Big Gulp~

This cormorant seems to have caught,

more than he can swallow!

His mother obviously never taught him, not to gulp his food.

The Snowy Egrets,

also seem to bite off more than they can chew,

but there is lots of determination,

to eat what you catch,

no matter how hard it is,

to swallow!

Cheers to you from the very well fed Cormorants & Egrets~

169 thoughts on “Big Gulp~

  1. Yikes Cindy–this makes me glad we get to eat people food!! And– we have cormorants and egrets in our parks here. Did you take these photos close to home?? It’s amazing the action you were able to get into your photos!! love it.


  2. I love cormorants and egrets. There are both types of birds where I live on the SE coast of the UK. Those are brilliant shots of them fishing. My camera’s shutterspeed would never accommodate such grand shots, quite apart from the fact I don’t have telescopic lens, but have to depend upon a zoom lens which doesn’t produce the same clarity.


    • It is wonderful to experience familiar birds all over the planet, and as you mention, these birds are almost ubiquitous everywhere I go. It doesn’t stop me from fully enjoying watching them where ever I am. Thank you for your kind words Sarah and be well my friend ❤

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