Living Gold~

Walking under a canopy,

of glittering gold,

all you see is light

and life.

A fairy forest,

in the high Sierra.

Cheers to you from the Aspens in the fall~

192 thoughts on “Living Gold~

  1. I just love those colors. Here I am sitting in Connecticut where I was hoping for a lot of New England leaf peeping and the trees have hardly began to change. –Curt

  2. Great shots. You have some good light there. It’s a bit polluted around London. You a have inspired to go for a little trip the next time we have some sun. 🙂

  3. Fantastic photos.We don’t get autumn colours in North Cyprus and I do miss them. But then I remember the cold weather, and am glad to look at photos but not to actually be there! PS – I can’t “like” your photos as WordPress is going off its face and won’t let me.

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