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  1. Aspens are my favorite trees at this time fo year. Walking in that golden light and under that golden canopy must have been awesome. It lifted me today … as I wait for our colors to change in the next few days πŸ’› thanks Cindy πŸ’›

    1. You are so right. The sound of wind in the trees in the mountains in every season is so incredibly beautiful, but the quaking of the Aspens is the most beautiful sound of all. <3

  2. You and Nathaniel Hawthorne think alike!! Hugs
    β€œI cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.” Nathaniel Hawthorne

  3. I really miss not being able to walk properly. Many of my formative adolescent years were spent roaming round the Pennines with my mate Andy. The Pennines are bleak but majestic, my spiritual home. I also always loved woods in the autumn. When your knees are knackered, a lot of your world disappears. But the photos remind me

    1. I can well imagine the memories that last forever from a childhood spent exploring that magnificent landscape. I hope you retreat there in your mind when you are quiet. It is one of the wonderful things about good memories, they are always there to draw upon. I know exactly what you mean about your spiritual home. Mine is in the natural spaces too. I am truly sorry about your knee and limited mobility. This would be very difficult to live with and you have my empathy.

    1. It snowed as we were leaving tuolumne meadows, and snowed all night, and then was sunny all day. The mountain peaks are still covered in snow. It is such a relief from the drought.

  4. Autumnal greetings, Cindy! Love the post & all your pics!
    Will you be doing a Hallow’een post?
    I’ve saved up about 16 street art skulls. Brrr, I’m becoming chilled, terrified of my own post!

  5. Sierra-riously, these amazing photos are priceless and will never grow old. High-5 to you, my dear friend.β™‘(*Β΄βˆ€ο½€*)δΊΊ(*Β΄βˆ€ο½€*)β™‘ ✧β₯✧¸.β€’*Β¨*βœ§β™‘βœ§β™‘βœ§*Β¨*β€’.β₯

  6. It was an amazing, golden festival of light here, dear Cindy! πŸ’–
    One of my first truly Fall photos I shared this year were yellow trees in a Cleveland, Ohio woods. Some doubted they had appeared yet, but I do think the yellows are the “heralds to Autumn.” Your whole post was simply lovely!! xo πŸ’
    Hugs, Robin

    1. Oh please do go. I have never been in England in the fall. I know a bit about how the leaves change there. I would so love to see the photos and read your perceptions.

  7. Fantastic photos.We don’t get autumn colours in North Cyprus and I do miss them. But then I remember the cold weather, and am glad to look at photos but not to actually be there! PS – I can’t “like” your photos as WordPress is going off its face and won’t let me.

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