The Cabin on the Lake~

I have always wanted to stay for an extended period of time on a high mountain lake,

in the Eastern Sierras, far from people,

in the fall,

when the leaves change,

in a cabin,

on the lakeshore.

As the temperature drops each day,

critters have time to prepare for winter. (Golden Mantled Squirrel)

Winter still holds herself back.

Tonite it will be 21 degrees F.

Cheers to you from the beauty, refuge, and safety, of the wilderness (chipmunk)~

268 thoughts on “The Cabin on the Lake~

  1. Beautiful photos of a gorgeous area, Cindy. I wish I were there as well (and I hope your cabin has a fireplace). )
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!

  2. ohhh Cindy, you my kind of gal, I remember that winter hide away, when you went to ski, you find some beautiful places girl. thanks for sharing.. I could smell the cool fresh air, and feel the October sun, and breezes… xxxoo

  3. Sounds good to me! Fresh air and lovely walks would be perfect. I can’t remember if I asked you this before or not but what camera do you use and what lenses? Hopefully next year I’ll be upgrading and starting the research of what to look at.

    1. All the photos you see here were taken with a sony hx400 with a variable telephoto lens up to 1200mm equivalent. It is my workhorse camera. I also have a sony rx10 that I use for landscapes or whenever I can carry two cameras ie., not for long hikes.

  4. I could enjoy living in a cabin like that, Cindy — it’s comfy-looking and has just the right touch of rustic charm. These little critters are so cute I want to cuddle one (I realize I’d be scratched to shreds, so I’ll stick with stuffed ones!)

  5. You know, Cindy, I have never seen a Chipmunk in real life. I want to see one. Apparently they live in Canada. It’s raining squirrels here! I used to point at ….. more unique…. different squirrels, and ask my parents “is that a chipmunk?” They always answered, “yes”.
    Anyway, I know, I’m singing “The Chipmunk Blues”
    Your pics are wonderful, and bring back many memories of when I liked venturing out of the city. (When I lived in B.C.)
    Thank you!

            1. It is exactly that. I got tired and rested on an ancient bristlecone and the feeling was do divine it was disconcerting. Next time you go, rest on one of the ancient ones, and you will know exactly what I mean~ πŸ‚

    1. Thank you. The paternal portion of my family came from Scotland, Mackay clan, and settled in Nova Scotia long ago. They are the Barton side. Maybe we come from the same clan, way back when.

          1. A replicate of the Hector is in the harbour in Pictou Nova Scotia. it has the Manifest of the passengers on it. it was 1776, I believe. worth a visit if you are every in that part of Nova Scotia.

    1. Positive fantasy is more necessary, the more stressful our lives become. Tony Judt described this so well in “The Memory Chalet,” a Swiss Chalet he retreated to in his mind to bring him peace. Thank you dear Sally for being such a wonderful person and friend <3

      1. I am with you 100% Cindy.. I wrote a short story about a house and garden which turned out to be in heaven.. my mother was getting more and more fearful as she got well into her 90s and I read it to her. We then created her own perfect place to go to – with my father waiting for her. We often talked about adding things to it over the next couple of years. It was considerably more palatial than mine.. but it made her happy and as her dementia increased she still remembered it. Thank you for providing us with such wonderful prompts for memories and future dreams. β™₯

  6. Cindy, that sounds cold but looks amazing. Those squirrels and chipmunks look as though they’re not bothered by the drop in temperature but I bet they have lots of food stored away so they can hide from the winter when it does finally arrive. Thank you for your wonderful photographs they are just so amazing.

      1. Grand memories (and photos) from our trip. By the way, I flew to CA (San Jose area) via San Diego last month. While approaching from the desert, I watched the mountains east of San Diego, and thought they looked like what your hallow looks like from the sky.

  7. So gorgeous Cindy– and the cabin looks so snug and cozy! But the best is that little critter! So clear and exact– every little fur point standing out. What great photos! thanks! xo

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