Above the Clouds~

Looking down upon a hurrying world,

above the clouds,

offers detachment,


and peace.

World’s away,

and above it all.

Cheers to you from peaceful heights and prayers to those in Irma’s path~

208 thoughts on “Above the Clouds~

  1. What a fantastic diversity of views you have presented here…one for every mood (and each mood containing wonder and happiness). Brilliant post Cindy, there are views of this world that truly make me take in a deep breathe and fall in love with life all over again 🙂 Cheers to a great weekend.


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  3. Above the clouds! That must have been a good hike. I love that everything looks so green. When I’ve been to California, usually after the heat of summer has disappeared, everything is brown and dry in the hills. The hubby and I are arriving in CA Oct 1, will be visiting Alys and enjoy a trip to Carmel too. xo B


    • That is such a pretty part of the state. Head a bit south of Carmel into the northern part of Big Sur if you feel like it. The part that wasn’t damaged by the winter storms. This is some of the most beautiful coastline in the west. We will be near you as the crow flies when you visit, but on the other side of The Sierra Nevadas, in the Eastern Sierras. Wish I could meet up with you. We could go critter searching!

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