They land on the windows each year,

reflecting clouds.

They come to eat the hummingbirds.

I detach them gently from the glass, using envelopes.

But they always return to where they were,

and swivel their heads around to look at me.

Cheers to you from the amazing alien creatures we all are~

203 thoughts on “Preying~

  1. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    I am not an insect person.. in fact do not mention camping to me .. ever! But I am perfectly happy looking at images of these incredible creatures. Cindy Knoke of course has no such qualms and gets up close and personal with these alien looking beings… The Preying Mantis as you have never seen them before and I did not know that they found hummingbirds edible… stunning photography as always from Cindy. #recommended

  2. Cindy absolutely beautiful Photographs- I have always thought them to be the most incredible creatures. From what Sally Said I had no idea they attacked hummingbirds. Horrific but amazing!

    • Yes! There is something entirely otherworldly about them, but since they have been here much longer than we have, maybe they are more justified in thinking this about us more recent interlopers!

  3. Wonderful photos and the reflection adds an eerieness. We do need to embrace the insect world too. I guess they are as bid or bigger than a humming bird. We don’t have humming birds here in Europe but have had a praying mantis on my porch. Seemed more praying than preying.

  4. I dig his looks. One thing that gets me is how still and patient a mantis can be. They certainly look to be praying, and it usually ends up pretty well for them. Hmm.

  5. As long as it doesn’t sting. it looks like one of them we had in London. They liked to crawl in the bathroom at summer time. And we called it “daddy long legs.” Took me back in the days when my daughter was a little girl. she went to bathroom, and if I heard her screamed, I knew it was “daddy long legs” that had given us a visit. ahahaha. poor thing she was really scared of that little silly creature.

  6. I LOVED this post, Cindy. I think preying mantis are so very cool, and your photos, descriptions, and final line about us all being alien creatures was great.

  7. It’s the time of year we see some large praying mantises landing on our picture window. Drives the cats crazy! You got great shots of these, and their reflections.

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