Hummer’s Mean Home: Part II (Flying)~

If you read Part I, you know about the greedy little capitalist. Above is one of his victims with a feather askew from a direct hit!

Here is another escaping his wrath.

The good news is, moving one of the greedy guy’s feeders into the bushes worked, and he is now under control.

Birds are feeding and flying freely once again at The Holler.

We now have three feeders up and about twenty birds actively feeding. This is less than prior years, probably because the persistent drought has ended, and The Holler and all the surrounding orchards are abloom with flowers, giving the hummers lots of dining options.

The orioles and Grosbeaks are here at the feeders too, also in smaller numbers for the same reason.

So once again, peace and harmony reigns at The Holler!

Cheers to you from The Holler’s Harmonious Hummers~

141 thoughts on “Hummer’s Mean Home: Part II (Flying)~

  1. So glad you got the greedy little capitalist under control, Cindy! How fortunate you are to live in such beautiful country. I did extensive research on Hummers for my first novel and learned so much about the little buggers. Here’s a video I love and thought you might enjoy as well. Love to you and the tweeters in The Holler πŸ’œ

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  2. I love a good news story, high five for putting the little dictator out to the bushes. He’s probably relieved that he doesn’t have to fly around like a maniac all day too. Win/win !! I’m really happy to hear there is harmony in the Holler brought by moisture again. Earth is really getting an ass kicking and I’m relieved with these ‘good-news’ stories. Happy days to you and your little feathered wonders too! Boomdee xo


  3. Peace and harmony nned to reign across the world, Cindy! πŸ•Š
    I like how you try to be the gentle giant, adding another feeder in under the shadows. πŸ’ž πŸ’«


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