Hummer’s Mean Home: Part II (Flying)~

If you read Part I, you know about the greedy little capitalist. Above is one of his victims with a feather askew from a direct hit!

Here is another escaping his wrath.

The good news is, moving one of the greedy guy’s feeders into the bushes worked, and he is now under control.

Birds are feeding and flying freely once again at The Holler.

We now have three feeders up and about twenty birds actively feeding. This is less than prior years, probably because the persistent drought has ended, and The Holler and all the surrounding orchards are abloom with flowers, giving the hummers lots of dining options.

The orioles and Grosbeaks are here at the feeders too, also in smaller numbers for the same reason.

So once again, peace and harmony reigns at The Holler!

Cheers to you from The Holler’s Harmonious Hummers~

141 thoughts on “Hummer’s Mean Home: Part II (Flying)~

  1. Oh my! I loved this post, Cindy! I adore hummingbirds and your photos reinforce that love. I just came inside from watching a few battle on our patio. They’re much more entertaining than TV. Thank you for sharing your amazing photos!

    1. I wanted the posts to line up in order which only would happen if the reader was delayed in opening them, so sorry about the order. Hummingbirds are incredibly entertaining. They follow me around the garden when I am gardening and they follow all of us if we go on walks!

    1. I confess I had to enlist the help of my son the biologist to find a solution that worked. He came up with the bush idea because the capitalist could not see, and hence not control, the feeder buried in the bush. Several days with this placement broke his dominion uber alles!

    1. During the drought years we had well over 40 hummingbirds everyday all summer long. I was changing the quart feeders daily and we went through lots of sugar.

  2. Wow Cindy, you are lucky to have these beautiful birds in the garden. They do not exist here in Europe but every time I am in the States or Central America I look for them trying to capture them with my camera. Your post put me back to Costa Rica where I was lucky to capture them, simply enjoy them and heard the powerful sound their wings make for the first time. Great post! Thanks.

    1. The Costa Rican hummingbirds have such amazing coloration. We will be back there at the end of the year and I so look forward to seeing and hearing them! Some also have those remarkable long tail feathers. Incredible birds and I am glad you spent time with them.

  3. Great shots, Cindy. I believe Hummingbirds flap their wings very very fast, and as we don’t have them in Australia, I can only imagine what it took to capture such sharply focused images. Their feather colouring is superb too.

    1. Hummers can hover, and are the only bird that can fly backwards, and their hearts and wings beat so quickly, they have to go into a state of torpor daily or they would starve to death. They are the smallest birds in the world. They also migrate 1000’s of miles. They are amazing! That said, Oz has the most stunning variety of beautiful birds. We are returning in 2018 to see more of Australia’s birds and natural wonders!

      1. I think Australia has a diverse range of everything, Cindy. Probably because of its size. It covers everything from desert to rainforest and everything in between. I did read once that Australia has the highest number of indigenous animals in the world. Don’t know whether that was true or not. You’d think the Amazon would be tops when it comes to indigenous species wouldn’t you 🙂

  4. Beautiful photo captures. It is good to see birds happy and thriving. It’s like a sign that all is good with life. 🙂 How many acres do you have on the ‘Holler’, Cindy? Do you farm any of the land?

    1. I think they are hard to capture unblurred in flight. One thing I did to help this year is include a perchless feeder. This means they have to fly while feeding which gives me more flight time and better odds in getting unblurred shots. I judge hummer photos by how well the eyes and feet are in focus.

  5. Bonsoir ou bonjour CINDY

    Tiens je pense à toi

    Aux gentils messages que tu m’apportes sur mon blog

    C’est comme un rayon de soleil

    Ceux-ci me mettent du bleu au cœur et celui-ci resplendit de joie

    Quel bonheur que tu me donnes

    Que de joie j’éprouve

    Je tiens à te remercier

    Belle journée ou belle soirée

    Bisous Bernard

    Un Peu De Tendresse

  6. So glad you got the greedy little capitalist under control, Cindy! How fortunate you are to live in such beautiful country. I did extensive research on Hummers for my first novel and learned so much about the little buggers. Here’s a video I love and thought you might enjoy as well. Love to you and the tweeters in The Holler 💜

  7. I love a good news story, high five for putting the little dictator out to the bushes. He’s probably relieved that he doesn’t have to fly around like a maniac all day too. Win/win !! I’m really happy to hear there is harmony in the Holler brought by moisture again. Earth is really getting an ass kicking and I’m relieved with these ‘good-news’ stories. Happy days to you and your little feathered wonders too! Boomdee xo

    1. We certainly need good news don’t we. The onslaught of negative news is soul sapping. Of course you lucky Canadians have Trudeau so you don’t wake each day embarrassed by the news which is such a blessing as I bet you know! The earth is getting it’s ass kicked. It is beyond irresponsible stewardship to try and deny this. Ah well, The Holler hummers are harmonious, the orioles chatty, the dovers peaceful, the grosbeaks gorgeous, and life is very peaceful here in Hollerdom, with just the animals and us, the way I like it! Love to you my friend~ <3

        1. But we would trade you Justin Bieber and Trumpster in a package deal!!!! 2 for 1, tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum, for Trudeau!
          I never noticed Trudeau was handsome. I am not that shallow of a person and I never lie.
          (Except this once!)

  8. Peace and harmony nned to reign across the world, Cindy! 🕊
    I like how you try to be the gentle giant, adding another feeder in under the shadows. 💞 💫

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