Blumen Baden~

Baden-Baden’s spring bloom is just beginning.

The tulips on the Lichtenthaler Alle,

a strolling avenue and park,

that follows the River Oos,

are beginning their splendid spring bloom.

The park,

created in the 19th century,

is a wonderland of exotic plants and flowers.

Cheers to you from Baden-Baden’s glorious alle~

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    1. It is a beautiful area with incredible food and long and fascinating history. Clara Shuman lived on the allee in a beautiful river side house that is still here. I hope you do visit~

  1. Tulips! πŸ™‚ I thought Holland was tulip-country, but the Germans apperently know how to grow them as well. I now want to visit Baden-Baden, if only because of the wonderful name. However…. I live in the city of Groningen, capital of the province Groningen. We are getting close πŸ™‚ Are you planning to visit the Netherlands too Cindy?

    1. I love the Netherlands and was there last year, and have been several times. We took ferries around, such a beautiful place and I visited Keukenhof and was stunned by it. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place. I wish we were going back, but not this time! 🌷

  2. I absolutely LOVE tulips, so you couldn’t have photographed anything today that would make me smile more! Such splendid colors — somebody obviously takes better care of these gems than I do (however, in my defense, the tulips around here were pretty sparse this year — must have been that sudden cold snap!)

    1. And this park goes on for seemingly forever along the river, so much expanse of green grass and gorgeous flowers. I can see why The Mandarin Ducks came here! 🌷

    1. Yes, we have gopher problems too at The Holler. Our neighbors new and very long driveway just collapsed because of the tunnels. I have planted tons of gopher repelling plants.

  3. How exhilaratingly beautiful! We were cheated of may spring flowers here. It got too warm, too early, and then Mother Nature snowed and froze everything. Keep having fun, and showing your wonderful pictures!

    1. It is a huge treat because they won’t grow at The Holler, so seeing lots of them grouped thematically by color and variety was wonderful! Happy Spring Eliza~ 🌷

            1. I don’t know about a saint, a lot of European Royalty came here for “the cure” back in the day. Queen Victoria and her son, the future king, came each year. Clara Shuman lived here. I am home now and was in transit, it is 11:32 in Germany now. I think it’s about a nine hour time difference that creates horrific jet lag when I return home.

  4. Whoever designed this garden has an artistic eye for sure. Those colorful, staggered arrangements really engage the eyes and keep them moving around – a matter of composition which I learned once in an art class. This happens especially in the 6th image down from the top (4th from the bottom) thanks to your expert framing Cindy! <3

    1. You are exactly right about the staggered arrangements, plus the landscape designer cut ovals in the grass, and just planted the tulips with no edging. Something I did once and got some flack for! The creativity and the vastness of the gardens make them quite impressive. Happy Spring Lynn~ πŸ’

  5. How wonderful, Cindy. I always think the name ‘Baden-Baden’ makes the place sound so dull, but I am clearly wrong!! πŸ™‚

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  7. Oh my gosh! What a blessing to walk among exquisite tulips. My favorite flower. The romantic tulip – the eleventh wedding anniversary flower. Your photos display a banquet of colors.My eyes indulged each glorious shade. Thank you for taking me on this surreal never-ending dance via these splendid photographs.πŸ’š

  8. Reblogged this on TINA FRISCO and commented:
    Cindy Knoke is traveling and sharing all the lovely photos she’s taking along the way. She’s currently in Baden-Baden, and these gorgeous flowers are on the Lichtenthaler Alle along the River Oos.

    Baden-Baden is a spa town in southwestern Germany’s Black Forest, near the border with France. Its thermal baths led to fame as a fashionable 19th-century resort. Alongside the Oos River, park-lined Lichtentaler Allee is the town’s central promenade.


  9. Our daffodils and tulips have just about gone by for this year. I dug out a wheel barrow of the daffodils to thin them. Some went to a neighbor, the rest along the road. I see a couple more wheel barrows of daffodils that need thinning in the next couple of weeks. Lovely photos of the tulips. — Oscar

    1. I have never done that with bulbs. I put them in the ground and leave them and they multiply like nobodies business, and I grow lots of bulbs. But I have never grown tulips! That would be deal breaker for me too!

  10. It is amazing to me how they plant the brown bulbs in such an organized method to assure the vibrant colors are patterned the way they plan out ahead of time.

  11. Great to see my favourite tulips still standing tall … We planted so many beautiful tulips this spring and the birds love them to death …

  12. Gorgeous bloonms, Cindy. You brightened my day! We can’t grow tulips in North Carolina – the soil, the weather? Never been able to get them to bloom more than the first year after I’ve planted the bulbs.

    1. Same here. They won’t grow at The Holler and if I buy cut tulips, they wilt. So it is always a thrill to see them in large numbers. So pleased you enjoyed and thank you! πŸ’

  13. Beautiful Tulips. It reminded me of my father. He used to plant hundreds of Tulips every year. They were beautiful when they bloomed. I didn’t appreciate all the hard work he put into it then but the beauty has stayed with me for all these years. I wish I would have told him how beautiful he made our property look. I hope he can hear me now. Thank you for sharing. ☺☺☺

    1. Oh, very moving! What a labor of love. A person who plants hundreds of tulips every year adds joy to the world. I would have loved to see his garden and meet him~ πŸ’ <3

  14. Those plantings are stunning Cindy!! Can hardly believe they are real– so much color and life! Thanks for sending them along to us. Wondering where you are off to next… happy travels!! xox

  15. Hi Cindy, I looked to see if I had an email address for you and I could not find one, so I am writing here to let you know, I went to read and like your new post “Peerless Peregrines~” and it says the post cannot be found on your site. Just wanted to let you know.

    1. Yes. Thank you. I deleted it because I made a mistake. I didn’t intend to post that one on peregrines, but I was putting together three posts on other types of falcons, and mixed them up. So sorry for the confusion.

  16. very pretty indeed. I wonder, do they have to dig up the bulbs to replant with summer flowers? I know they can be left in the soil, even here in chilly Canada. But then you have to plant around them and that could be tricky. They’re so great planted in masses like this! x K

  17. Hi Cuz,
    The gardens in Baden Baden are lovely. They defy description entirely…., such color ! And the Mandarins are absolutely beautiful. They can’t be real. Some artist (Mother Nature) had to have taken the brightest colors available and painted them.
    Baden Baden is the home of my mother’s ancestors. Was planning a trip there but a heart transplant interfered with those plans.
    I know I haven’t been on the scene much lately. No reasons or excuses. Just needed to be gone for a while. Hope you are thoroughly enjoying your trip. It seems that you are. Hugs ! πŸ™‚

    1. What a treat to hear from you! It is good to take a break when you need one. But it is wonderful to have you back. This part of the world is so beautiful. So many of us in the US have relatives who came from Germany and other parts of Europe, like you and I. I can well understand your desire to visit your homelands. Cheers to you Paul and so happy you stopped by~

    1. Thank you Maiko. I keep popping over to your blog looking for new posts. Do you have recent post menu or calendar of recent posts I am not seeing? I don’t want to miss your posts!

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