Blumen Baden~

Baden-Baden’s spring bloom is just beginning.

The tulips on the Lichtenthaler Alle,

a strolling avenue and park,

that follows the River Oos,

are beginning their splendid spring bloom.

The park,

created in the 19th century,

is a wonderland of exotic plants and flowers.

Cheers to you from Baden-Baden’s glorious alle~

282 thoughts on “Blumen Baden~

  1. Hi Cindy, I looked to see if I had an email address for you and I could not find one, so I am writing here to let you know, I went to read and like your new post “Peerless Peregrines~” and it says the post cannot be found on your site. Just wanted to let you know.


  2. very pretty indeed. I wonder, do they have to dig up the bulbs to replant with summer flowers? I know they can be left in the soil, even here in chilly Canada. But then you have to plant around them and that could be tricky. They’re so great planted in masses like this! x K


  3. Hi Cuz,
    The gardens in Baden Baden are lovely. They defy description entirely…., such color ! And the Mandarins are absolutely beautiful. They can’t be real. Some artist (Mother Nature) had to have taken the brightest colors available and painted them.
    Baden Baden is the home of my mother’s ancestors. Was planning a trip there but a heart transplant interfered with those plans.
    I know I haven’t been on the scene much lately. No reasons or excuses. Just needed to be gone for a while. Hope you are thoroughly enjoying your trip. It seems that you are. Hugs ! πŸ™‚


    • What a treat to hear from you! It is good to take a break when you need one. But it is wonderful to have you back. This part of the world is so beautiful. So many of us in the US have relatives who came from Germany and other parts of Europe, like you and I. I can well understand your desire to visit your homelands. Cheers to you Paul and so happy you stopped by~


    • Thank you Maiko. I keep popping over to your blog looking for new posts. Do you have recent post menu or calendar of recent posts I am not seeing? I don’t want to miss your posts!


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