Mandarins in Baden-Baden~

These guys weren’t part of my plan for the day!

I was going to show you Baden-Baden,

but the Mandarins got in my way!

Why are Mandarin Ducks swimming wild in Germany you may well wonder?

Although Mandarin Duck populations are dwindling in their native Russia and Asia, some escapees from captivity are breeding in the wild in Germany and The UK. I happened upon these guys today on the Oos River in Baden-Baden Germany.

So, it is cheers to you, and Happy Spring, from the gorgeous German Mandarins~

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  1. Oh my, so beautiful Cindy.
    I’ve only seen these birds twice in my life, the second time I had the camera with me. They looked like they were made of porcelain as the glided by me. TTFN

        1. Yes! Please do! I hear they also have established a small colony in Northern California, although I have certainly never seen them. The UK has the largest wild breeding group. If I were you, I would be beyond thrilled to find them, because it is mating and nesting and hatching season! Imagine the photos! Imagine the experience! So, if you can, and want to, go back where you saw them float by, and see if they are there! I would be thrilled to see your photos! <3

    1. I have now been thinking about you and your potential future trip. Please share with me your plans as you make them, if you choose. I so love planning travel. It is an anticipatory part of the whole wonderful process, and I really think people should do it themselves. It helps them know a place before they go, and makes it more personally rewarding.

  2. So colorful they look like toys! Incredible what nature produces! When collecting images of birds on Pinterest, I sometimes wonder whether colors have been doctored via Photoshop or not. Glad you had a chance to enjoy these Mandarins. I’m sure they enjoyed your attention too! πŸ™‚

    1. Yes! They look like something a super skillful photo manipulator might make up. Fortunately they are not. Here are other people’s photos of them via google image search:
      They are widely considered the world’s most beautiful duck. and I agree. Plus, I am certain, they reacted to the lens. They seemed to pose, moving as is if to say, wait, you didn’t get my best angle!
      Laughing and hugs to you dear Lynn~ <2

    1. Your comment was in my WP spam folder. So glad I checked because I wouldn’t want to miss this!
      οΌΌοΌΌ\✧( ΛŠΜ±Λ‚ΛƒΛ‹Μ± )β—žβ—Ÿ( ΛŠΜ±Λ‚ΛƒΛ‹Μ± ) ✧ ///

      1. Wow! That’s cool. I have never seen them here but I will now have to go and find a place (hopefully nearby) where I can see the real thing. Thanks Cindy. πŸ‘πŸ˜„

  3. They are really striking, aren’t they? Until a few months ago, I would not have know what they were–the head feathers are arranged a bit like a wood duck, but other than that… Another blogger has been shooting pictures of them in England. I think that proves your point about them escaping and breeding elsewhere. Enjoy your trip.

  4. Nature got out her magic markers and let loose on the day she came up with these birds. So amazingly beautiful. I’m glad they are still around and finding new homes. Great photos, Cindy.

      1. We love birds, too. though I think Mr. M prefers them to be cooked, he manages to get along by chirping at them from the windowsill. πŸ˜‰

  5. Cindy, these are such beautiful ducks! I’m learning so much from our trip, thanks to your posts — stay safe and I look forward to seeing more of the sights with you!

  6. OMG -what amazing colors! They are truly designer birds and look quite alien and made up πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing these amazing glimpses Cindy!

  7. I am just blown away with the colors of the little ducks! The photography is amazing! Thanks for sharing these fabulous photos – you are an incredibly talented photographer! Wow. K D

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  9. i give them my vote for nature’s most beautiful duck. The photography is pretty amazing too — the rippling of the water over the feet and the droplets of water on the breast and those colors — WOW. The water surrounding the duck looks like a Monet painting.

    1. You have a very observant eye Colleen. They are definitely incredibly beautiful creatures. Thank you for noticing and taking the time to comment on the details my friend! <3

            1. Well, first you’d have to find them! I watched them for two days. Four ducks. All males. Didn’t move much. They were waiting for the females who had yet to arrive. I don’t know if the females ever arrived. I would love to go back and photograph the ducklings if the females do show up!

    1. First there was one, and then the others came, all males, waiting for the girls to arrive. I hope they do. It would be wonderful for Baden-Baden to have more of these gorgeous creatures!

    1. I thought of you. You said I should go to Baden-Baden. You were right, and the ducks prove it! I hope a huge colony breeds in Germany. They are such gentle ducks. You grew up in a beautiful part of the world.

  10. Fantastic photos. Mandarin ducks are exquisitely colorful aquatic birds. I absolutely love them. What an incredible blessing to see them up close. You captured amazing shots. I’m so thrilled that these Mandarins got in your way! πŸ’š

    1. Sometimes I sense that super beautiful birds know they stand out. Birds are actually being studied for having a sense of self. These beautiful creatures truly seemed to pose for the camera! πŸ¦†

    1. They were the most amazing, unusual, and unexpected gift to come upon. And their behavior was so remarkable too, very calm, with really soft vocalizations that sounded like quiet peeps. Of course I fell hard for them. So happy you are moved by them too~

    1. Mother Nature outdid herself with these little quackers. The patterns, textures and colors really are a design marvel. Many thanks and hugs & cheers to you dear Sally! <3

      1. And brilliant! We have mandarin ducks that sometimes nest at our park, but they are mostly green and browns. Hope you run into lots more beautiful distractions Cindy!! xo

  11. What a colourful and cheerful encounter, Cindy! I prefer those lovely creatures to the streets of Baden Baden, (also VERY pretty.) <3 πŸ™‚ It pays to be prepared, always ready to shoot. πŸ™‚

  12. I still think you should be photographing for National Geographic! I just saw the next post and came back to this one since I’m behind. These photos are just stunning! Deep envy here on your trip. πŸ™‚ Enjoy.

  13. These are some of the best photographs of Mandarins that I’ve ever seen – amazing color and your clarity/close-up shots are stunning.

  14. Love these post-modern refugees. They have more color and sass than a river of mallards. Those flowers in your next post are a hammer-blow of beauty. Europe has its extravagances. We could learn from it!

    1. Yes we could learn if we were willing! Love you calling The Mandarins refugees! They are, and like all refugees they contribute so much to the places they land! Hugs to you dear Brenda~ <3

        1. “If only we could see the value in each other. We would all be so much happier.” This is brilliant Brenda and I would love to see you develop this into a post. Who could credibly disagree? And the impact of the thought is incredibly powerful. When we devalue others, we are really devaluing that which is also beautiful in ourselves, and everyone ends up worse for it. Who was it that said don’t evaluate yourself by your theology, evaluate yourself by your love in action.
          Love to you Brenda~ <3

  15. Wow, Cindy! Glad they got in the way. They look so unreal. I’ve never seen such unusual combination of coloring in one bird. Stunning visuals. <3

  16. It must be aw inspiring to see such colorful birds as these are up close and personal. I cannot imagine seeing these in person. Here of course we see colorful humming birds and the rare peacock running around. You are just so lucky! πŸ™‚

    1. I was thrilled to see these guys, all the more so because it was entirely unsuspected. I couldn’t believe they were swimming in the snow in Germany!

  17. I have never laid eyes on such an exotic duck. It almost seems like a fake ! Like they’ve just come from a fashion show and bought something couture. Bravo for the escapes that have brought these to the lens of Ms Knoke! x K

    1. I know. All these people were too polite to call me a big fat liar! But they were all saying, “these can’t be real.” So I just gave them a google image search link to Mandarin Ducks. The ducks destroyed the whole 2017 Met Gala held recently. Eat your heart out, Anna Wintour! They are more couture than Vogue.

  18. Mandarins are so exceptional in their unique coloring and feathers look thicker than most birds. The birds appear to be “preening” and “proud!” Thank you, dear Cindy. <3

  19. Lovely pics of the mandarins, and thanks for stopping by to visit my blog and like the post about the new autism symbol πŸ™‚

    1. The ducks and I thank you very much for your support of them Susanne. I hear you. I can’t eat ducks at all. I used to raise them and they would migrate home every year. Seeing them was a big joy in our lives.

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