Kayserberg in Alsace~

seems to be a magical,

hobbit Village,

where Bilbo Baggins,

will appear,

around a corner.

A Tolkien world,

you never want to leave.
Cheers to you from Kayserberg France~

213 thoughts on “Kayserberg in Alsace~

  1. Love this Cindy– all the charm and color. In Kayserberg, we hiked up to the tower overlooking town for a great view– and I remember the striking figure of Jesus hanging in the church on the square. So wonderful to see it again through your eyes. You are enjoying so many amazing places!! Thankful to see them through your work! take care traveling!! xo


    • Love that you and I walk through many of the same places in this amazing world! We are in Heidelberg now, and it has intermittent snow flurries, but the sunset over the castle from across the river Necker was just astounding and a mama swan showed me her seven eggs. She was proud! Hugs to you Rhonda and be well~


  2. Yes, it is a magical place. Glad U posted hi-res photos. I could zoom in on the last one and verify that the cylindrical things (hung out to dry?) were ears of corn. Did not know that corn was popular in Alsace.


  3. it gladdens my heart to know that there are still places like that, and that they survived both World Wars when so much of that area was fought over., and when Alsace and Lorraine were parceled back and forth between France and Germany..
    More bon voyages please !!!


    • Yes! Beauty surviving the destruction of human beings is very moving to see and experience. If only human beings were capable of learning and changing, we conserve more of the beauty on this planet. Cheers to you Valerie & thank you!


  4. Gorgeous! Alsace is my all time favourite for excellent food and wine. I hope you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the specialities of the exquisite cuisine there! 🙂
    Happy and safe travels! ❤


    • Can you believe I actually had my fill of Alsatian food! We were in the region for two weeks, our second time here, and I finally had enough rich food and wonderful wine. Now we have moved on to Germany, and I just had the most amazing two pieces of lemon tarte. Germany thankfully has scales, so I faced my fears and weighed in. All the walking has paid off, unless of course the scales are rigged! Cheers to you my friends from Heidelberg! ❤

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        • I am sad I didn’t take photos of the bakery. It was the most delicious lemon tarte I have ever eaten, so I had two pieces. Don’t tell anyone I said that it was better than key lime pie! It was pure heaven and I will remember it for a very long time!

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    • Yikes! Ich werde meinen Spam jetzt überprüfen. Danke, dass du mich daran erinnerst. Vielen Dank für Ihre sehr freundlichen Kommentare. Ich bin jetzt in Deutschland und fotografiere Schwäne auf Nester und wunderschöne Tulpen! Vielen dank mein lieber Freund Michael~

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  5. Here in Caracas (Venezuela) there is a place called Colonia Tovar. It was a German settlement of the year 50. The houses are identical as your photos. The views that you have put are fantatic.


  6. WOW Cindy, you are so lucky, that must have been wonderful to be there and photograph all the sites and colorful buildings. I always thought it would be nice to go somewhere like that and see, what shops have to offer that we do not ever see here. Your photographs are just wonderful! 🙂


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