232 thoughts on “Kayserberg in Alsace~

        1. Here is a link with some ideas. Alsace is very busy during the summer months and very busy during Easter & Christmas vacation. I would recommend fall, late September to early October. Basically you have to chooses between cold or crowds. I would choose cold every time because crowds ruin my experience. Paris, Rome, Venice are all packed with tourists during the high season now which now starts in March and continues until winter. I’ve had some of my most amazing travel experiences in these places in mid-winter. We were in Florence in mid-winter, bundled up and were alone in the Uffizi Museum which is unheard of during season. They pack the Sistine Chapel like tuna in a can now, ruining the experience, so it also is best braved in the shoulder seasons or the winter if you bundle. Look for other opinions than mine online as I am not an expert in these regions. Good luck and I hope you visit in the shoulder seasons! It is also much less expensive to travel during these times. Germany in early November is heaven!

            1. It’s wonderful, you slip into uncrowded cafes for hot spiced wine with the locals. It is magic to be in these indredible places going to museums, cathedrals, and beautiful sometimes utterly alone! January is a great month for us in Europe. Really empty. Study abroad students ran up to me in the Duomo crying “it’s an American mom!” They were homesick!

  1. Something so realistic and sad about seeing a wheelchair out in front of that restaurant, when all around are lively colors and magical scenes. Well captured, Cindy!!

  2. Your Alsace photos are gorgeous. I didn’t know until a few years ago that my ancestry is 1/4 Alsatian, and I know so little about the place. Is this upper or lower Alsace?

  3. Wow, you’re right Cindy, it does look like a Tolkien world and your photos are awesome showing it off to us. A magical and colourful place indeed.

    1. It is a beautiful part of Germany. I have been weaving back and forth across the border of Germany and France. I will be in Germany for the next week. It hailed and snowed yesterday and is snowing now!

    1. You cannot smoke inside restaurants in France. You can smoke outside on terraces. Smoking rates have fallen in France, although they used to be very high, rates are now more in line with the rest of Europe, but still higher than in the US. I was there for two weeks and observed a few smokers outside, but none indoors.

  4. What a place! My niece and her husband have a place in Antigua, Guatemala, called Hobbitenango (place of the hobbits). One can stay in a hobbit house!

  5. Thank you for sharing through your beautiful pictures. May that village remain as it is for a long time, no vinyl or aluminum siding … (I would hate to be a roofer working on the white timbered building on the left in your first photograph.)

    1. The roof is so steep! I can’t imagine how you would balance up there! Falcons are all over these steep roofs because it gives them a bird’s eye view of all the mice and I’ve been taking their photos~

    1. I actually had my fill of French food. In Alsace the have divine food, but lots of butter, cheese and bread, and of course incredible desserts! I was ready for stir fry veggies! Laughing……Alsace is a wonderful part of France~

    1. It rained, hailed and then snowed yesterday in Germany, and is snowing now at 3 degrees, and our hotel heater doesn’t work! Just to put things in perspective. Travel, just like life, has it’s ups and downs~

      1. As a joke toward a friend who comes out to garden with us, last year, I painted all of our garden trellises and walkways (made of wood, thus needing a little paint protection) Carrabean colors: bright red, yellow, blue, green, etc. She was horrified, until the plants grew about them and muted the display. I buy oops-cans of paint at the hardware store to do this. This year’s color scheme is Good-and-Plenty pink, butterscotch, and moss green… 🌻

  6. I see colorful bunnies on the window sills (image that is second from the bottom)! Was it Easter at the time? How wonderful. An additional touch of color to an already colorful town! And I can see the resemblance to The Shire! 😀

  7. Love this Cindy– all the charm and color. In Kayserberg, we hiked up to the tower overlooking town for a great view– and I remember the striking figure of Jesus hanging in the church on the square. So wonderful to see it again through your eyes. You are enjoying so many amazing places!! Thankful to see them through your work! take care traveling!! xo

    1. Love that you and I walk through many of the same places in this amazing world! We are in Heidelberg now, and it has intermittent snow flurries, but the sunset over the castle from across the river Necker was just astounding and a mama swan showed me her seven eggs. She was proud! Hugs to you Rhonda and be well~

      1. Hey Cindy! Hoping we’ll see the Heidelberg pictures ahead! I just checked back over to your blog just in case! Hope you’re enjoying every minute of your travels, finding bits of rest and beautiful every day. Thanks for including us! xo

  8. Yes, it is a magical place. Glad U posted hi-res photos. I could zoom in on the last one and verify that the cylindrical things (hung out to dry?) were ears of corn. Did not know that corn was popular in Alsace.

  9. it gladdens my heart to know that there are still places like that, and that they survived both World Wars when so much of that area was fought over., and when Alsace and Lorraine were parceled back and forth between France and Germany..
    More bon voyages please !!!

    1. Yes! Beauty surviving the destruction of human beings is very moving to see and experience. If only human beings were capable of learning and changing, we conserve more of the beauty on this planet. Cheers to you Valerie & thank you!

  10. Gorgeous! Alsace is my all time favourite for excellent food and wine. I hope you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the specialities of the exquisite cuisine there! 🙂
    Happy and safe travels! <3

    1. Can you believe I actually had my fill of Alsatian food! We were in the region for two weeks, our second time here, and I finally had enough rich food and wonderful wine. Now we have moved on to Germany, and I just had the most amazing two pieces of lemon tarte. Germany thankfully has scales, so I faced my fears and weighed in. All the walking has paid off, unless of course the scales are rigged! Cheers to you my friends from Heidelberg! <3

        1. I am sad I didn’t take photos of the bakery. It was the most delicious lemon tarte I have ever eaten, so I had two pieces. Don’t tell anyone I said that it was better than key lime pie! It was pure heaven and I will remember it for a very long time!

    1. Yikes! Ich werde meinen Spam jetzt überprüfen. Danke, dass du mich daran erinnerst. Vielen Dank für Ihre sehr freundlichen Kommentare. Ich bin jetzt in Deutschland und fotografiere Schwäne auf Nester und wunderschöne Tulpen! Vielen dank mein lieber Freund Michael~

  11. Here in Caracas (Venezuela) there is a place called Colonia Tovar. It was a German settlement of the year 50. The houses are identical as your photos. The views that you have put are fantatic.

    1. How remarkable! I will google it now. Thanks for the heads up & hope all is well with you. I am watching the news in Germany and see the troubles in Venezuela and hope you are safe and well~

  12. I have just caught up with you again, Cindy. Beautiful posts, and the photos are always stunning, no matter what the subject. Happy Spring to you and your family! 🙂

  13. WOW Cindy, you are so lucky, that must have been wonderful to be there and photograph all the sites and colorful buildings. I always thought it would be nice to go somewhere like that and see, what shops have to offer that we do not ever see here. Your photographs are just wonderful! 🙂

      1. Hi Cindy, I believe things are returning to normal now after 5 messed up years. I am back to doing all the things I love to do, including visiting my favorite blogs, writing post for mine, and doing photography and weaving baskets. I just love all the places I can visit through your eyes and lenses Cindy! 🙂

  14. omgosh, hobbits and possibly 7 dwarfs and who knows what ! It’s right out of a childhood reader. What a gorgeous place to live or visit. Is it a lilac I see ont the left of your first photo? Ours are just beginning to have leaves 😀 xk

    1. I even got a photo of Bilbo Baggins! Gandalf didn’t want his picture taken. He was in the castle on the hill. There is wisteria growing everywhere and lilac too. I think you might be right and this one is lilac since it is growing freely like a tree,

    1. Yes, on most streets, vehicles are allowed, but only resident’s vehicles thankfully, because it is challenging enough to dodge them! They are experienced at driving these streets and not colliding with people!

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