Strasbourg in Color~

Strasbourg Cathedral,

bursts into color,

during Palm Sunday full moon.

Wisteria blooms,

all over the city,

while city squares erupt in color!

Strasbourg itself is full of color,

both in the buildings and the rivers.

Jim adds to the colorful variety,

while Strasbourgians bring the color indoors!
Cheers to you from the stunning old city of Strasbourg~

233 thoughts on “Strasbourg in Color~

  1. I would love to travel with you. You see things in a way no one else does. The photos are so stunning, especially the wisteria. I always think of Germany when I hear the name Strasbourg, but most of it is in France. πŸ™‚ Guess that’s why I didn’t get to visit. Hope you are continuing to have wonderful travels.


    • Ah, you are very kind and your comment touches my heart. ❀ I would love to travel with you too, and am glad we are doing so virtually. I constantly mix up Strasbourg with Germany, it was German at various times in history, so the confusion is understandable. I am enjoying all the Easter celebrations in France right now, but will be in Germany for Easter.

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    • Wisteria is everywhere in France right now and I can’t get enough of it!
      There is even a giant Sequoia growing in Riquewhir, planted in the the 1800’s and thriving. They only grow in California. I did a double take when I saw it!


  2. Sorry for my late reply and like, I have been under the weather.

    What a beautiful city, I have never been there. I love the first two pictures, they colors are almost surreal. I bet you guys were smiling all the time while walking through the city.


    • Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well and I hope you are recovering! The city is amazing, we are now traveling through the Alsace region and will be in Germany by Easter. Hugs to you my friend & hope you feel better! ❀

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    • I love being here. There are amazing, ancient churches around every corner, so we go to church multiple times a day and love every minute. I happened on to Bach practice for an Easter concert yesterday. Sublime. I wish we had a tradition like this at home, these amazingly wonderful sanctuaries people can go to whenever they please…..


  3. What an enjoyable walk of Strasbourg! The city is so beautiful and colorful via your lens. Wisteria blooms are just unreal… Thank you for keeping posting while you are traveling, Cindy! πŸ™‚


  4. My Mum has two tall lamps like those in the last photo I’ve never seen them anywhere else. I love these old buildings I sometimes walk to Liberty in London just to admire the lovely area and building.


    • Your mum must have good taste! The intricacy of the lamp shop seemed to perfectly fit the details of the architecture. I can well understand why you would go to Liberty to soak up the gestalt~ ❀


  5. We, too, are drawn to cathedrals wherever we travel. There’s not much like them being built today, so we have to appreciate what remains of the remarkable architecture and detail. We always ask ourselves, “How’d they do that?” Especially when we consider that they didn’t have the technology and machinery we have today!


    • Visiting ancient cathedrals becomes addictive, not just for the beauty which you mention, but mostly for the sense of spiritual calm you absorb while in them. I am always amazed by these ‘people’s buildings’ built for everyone to come in and seek solace over the course of hundreds of years. On this trip we spent a fair amount of time in Greek Orthodox churches in Eastern Europe. I was beckoned in, given candles to light, welcomed in such a lovely way. It is a history, culture and tradition that seems so comforting. I understand completely why you are drawn to these amazing cathedrals.

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  6. The wisteria flowers, the colors in all the photographs were so brilliant! The buildings and homes are so sweet. This was a lovely place to visit and share, too. πŸ™‚


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