“What We Got Here is Failure to Communicate”~


Elephant Seals are obviously not the only species with this problem!

This sub-adult male seems a bit sheepish about his not yet mature mating attempts.
He looks at me almost as if he’s apologetic!
He’s just practising now, learning how to deal with all the rejection.

Elephant Seal mating is disturbingly violent. It is a hard life being an elephant seal.
Looking into the female’s eyes it is impossible not to feel sorry for her and her continual harassment.

For now at least, the adolescent males just look beached and confused!
Cheers to you the Piedras Blancas elephant seals~

Title quote: “Cool Hand Luke.”

221 thoughts on ““What We Got Here is Failure to Communicate”~

  1. Great quote by Cool Hand Luke, Cindy, and the classic story of love spurned. I suppose its comforting in a way to know that we share this situation with the animal kingdom!! Enjoy your travels.

  2. Hahahaha! Your commentary is awesome, as are the photos! I’ve often thought that being a female elephant seal must be one of the worst things to be. Poor things. Thanks for making me laugh, Cindy! ❤

  3. Great pics as usual Cindy. Love the way you put them in perspective with your text. Also, thanks for passing by my blog.

  4. Wow what an amazing post Cindy – dont know how I missed it. He does look apologetic and she quite fed up – you captured their frustrations and emotions perfectly!

  5. Bonjour CINDY

    Viens je t’emmène dans un monde de rêves

    Viens avec moi au pays de l’amitié

    Ou seul ce petit monde est loi

    Un monde de paix

    Il se cache au fond de ton cœur

    Dans un monde de merveilles

    Qui brille la nuit à l’orée du ciel

    Tu y trouveras des perles rares

    Celle ou nous avons été ami ou amie pour la première fois

    Quelle belle histoire entre nous

    C’est ainsi que le verbe aimer existe

    Je t’écris ces quelques mots avec tendresse

    Je te les offre du fond du cœur

    Je te souhaite soit une belle soirée soit une belle journée

    Bisous Bernard

  6. “A failure to communicate …” can describe so many things today, lol. Who knew you can also apply it to elephant seals. 🙂

  7. Oh, my. What a life for a female. Great photographs, though. I love the close-ups. Great for studying little details, like the eyes. Awwww. Thanks for sharing, Cindy. ❤ 🙂

  8. I liked this sensitive side on the whole mating ritual of these lumbering huge elephant seals. Their eyes and “nozzles” are so precious, Cindy! ❤

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