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  1. Not far from where I live, on an estuary mudflat, the sandpipers arrive in spring and leave towards the end of summer – flying to and from Siberia! Apparently it’s the longest migration on the planet. Wonderful photography as always!

  2. See, that is what I like so much about your entries, apart from the often beautiful pictures. There is always at least one bit of poetry hidden. This time: Life is always a beach. That is very true. I was born on a small island in the north-west of the Netherlands. This string of islands are basicly sandbanks with dunes, meadows and a few villages on them. They have broad sandy beaches, on wich I build castles and conquered the incoming waves. When I now visit my home island and enter the beach at the very spot where my little boys legs 250 years ago did the same, I feel life floating in my soul, extra life, and for one moment I am convinced I will have another 250 years ahead of me. 🙂

    1. I can picture your island in my mind and you playing in the sand building castles with walls to stop the sea. I did just the same as a child and I grew up on the ocean as well. It became a matter of skill and contest to build the best walls to hold back the sea, but of course, the sea always won, but a child will never stop trying, at least until they grow up. Why do we grow up? Hugs to you my brilliant poet-photographer friend. We are the same people facing different oceans. <3 <3

    1. Just gearing up now, the worst should be tonight with the wind and rain. Interesting to see in the morning if a the mountain will slide. I hear lots of folks are in a bad way. Where are you?

  3. Cindy you have the most mesmerizing wildlife photography Ever! I imagine National Geographic and Audubon Magazine call you often; if they don’t, they should. (The top photo… that blue! and the sandpiper birds and the surf, oh my, it is Gorgeous!) Plus, your words are so appropriately poetic. Many thanks from me!

  4. Wow, they do make the process of getting lunch a fun game! Not to be outdone, I think we need to come up with some good mealtime games as well, aside from maybe food fights. Wonderful narrative. I always love how you present your posts as a story Cindy!

      1. Yes, I wanted to tell you she’s recovering from a mild respiratory infection (based on recent culture results) over the past month. I’m administering her meds, taking measures to support her immunity system, and spent so much time holding her and playing with her (whenever she demands because she needs her bed rest) that I finally looked down at my feet yesterday and noticed how long my toenails are (self-neglect here) -a personal record for me! Haha! 😀

        1. It sounds like your careful TLC brought her back from the brink. Those infections can be deadly for parrots as you well know and the caretaking exhausting. It is a testament to your care that she is on the road to recovery. Now it is time for you to take a break and give yourself some TLC! Hugs to you Lynn and so glad Nikita is recovering! <3 <3

            1. LIke usted and tu in spanish! Ich wurde so gerne Deutschunterricht nehmen! Wir werden in einem Monat wieder in Deutschland sein! I speak horribly, but I enjoy it anyway! Vielen danke~ <3

              1. You seem to have a “feel” for languages I wish you would take classes or maybe meet with a German language group so that you can train and deepen your knowledge.

                As for “usted” and “tu” compared to “Du” and “Sie” it’s similar but used differently.

                1. I do love language and have thought for awhile about just what you recommend. I could do that audio version but it lacks the interactive component which makes I need. We will be in Germany, staying in an apartment, in about a month so I get to practice (and eat schnitzel) ! Love it!

  5. Cindy…if you have a minute and if you haven’t already, please take a second and vote for our friend Charles on Author Shout Cover Wars..he is ahead at the moment by a few votes. The vote will be tallied in a few hours! Thank you and you probably have voted already today! 🙂

    1. I just did an hour or so ago! I had tried yesterday, but couldn’t vote because I had to ‘like’ the site on fb which I just did. I see he is way ahead and will probably win which is very exciting! He deserves it, and I am very happy for him! Thanks for the update~

  6. Life is good! 🙂 <3 Life is a beach, let's us enjoy the waves and your gorgeous photos of the adorable Sandpipers, Cindy. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday. *Hugs* from Norway. x

    1. Hugs to you my friend and a resounding YES! Let’s enjoy life as fully as possible for as long as we can! In six months I will be stepping off the plane in your amazing Svalbard heading much further into the remarkable north! <3

      1. Svalbard is currently the warmest place in Norway, we’re terribly upset. Rain instead of snow, can you believe it – in the middle February! The warmest winter in 60 years. The polar bears are starving, crying and now Siri and Selma are writing a complaint to Old man Winter. Hopefully it helps and you’ll experience the Arctic North as it should be. Love and fairy dust to you.<3 x

        1. Uh oh! California just went through years of the worst recorded drought in history, the dry aquifers were visible from space and hundreds of thousands of trees died. Now, finally, we are inundated with rain. So keep the faith. Hopefully Svalbard will chill eventually. It is heartbreaking to hear about the bears. I couldn’t stand to hear or see this. We are heading to Iceland and Greenland. I sincerely hope our tracks won’t follow starving polar bears. If they do, we have only ourselves to blame, unfortunately.

  7. The reflection of the sandpiper is amazing. I love how the water texture shifts right at his foot. Looking forward to the return of our sandpipers and waves. 😀

    1. They are magical creatures aren’t they and they live in a magical world, and yes, so glad you noticed the texture shifts, I have long been captivated by the shallow sheeting of ocean water on flat surface sand. It creates a whole variety of beautiful visual effects in addition to it’s amazing reflective capabilities. You are perceptive~ <3

  8. I could watch these little guys all day long! What peace in your writing. I will continue to read your posts and look at those beautiful photos! Thank you for stopping by my site. 🙋

  9. Witaj Cindy
    Bardzo dobre zdjęcia biegusów.
    Ptaki te są bardzo mało spotykane w Polsce.
    Nie widziałem ich jeszcze w naturze.
    Pozdrawiam i życzę miłego tygodnia.

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    1. Next is Eastern Europe, some Greek Isles, and Germany/France. Then we are going bi-polar, first far north in August/September, and then far south in December. I want to see as much as I can of our small spinning world~ >3

        1. My friend from Norway just told me it is so warm in Svalbard (where we leave from) that the polar bears are starving and crying. I really hope this isn’t permanent. It is so bloody sad!

    1. It does indeed, and alI we have to do in return is protect it! Hope all is wonderful with you Rebecca. It looks like you’ve been traveling which is always good in my book! <3

  11. Beautiful pictures as always. Love seeing your adventures! Thank you for sharing. By the way, if you get a chance – check out PIPER by Pixar a delightful and very adorable short 3d animation about Sandpipers- sure to make you smile 🙂

    1. So happy you stopped by! It is always wonderful to hear from you and to read another of your remarkable posts! Be well my friend. We are coming back to Buenos Aires for Christmas. Do you live there, or are you in Spain?

  12. I love the way you’ve captured their reflections in the water. Those sandpipers look as if they have a very balanced existence, alternating between being hyperactivity and contemplation. Humans have much to learn from them 🙂

  13. What fun they are to watch! Did you see the Disney short called Piper that won the Oscar for a short animated film? It captured them so perfectly! Thanks for these lovely photos!

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    1. A blogger sent me that video in response to the post and I was beyond charmed. Someone had spent a lot of time at the beach watching sandpipers. It was pure magic and so deserving of the Academy Award!

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